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Simplify Document Management in Microsoft Teams

Titan Workspace keeps your documents secure, accessible, and compliant.

Why Titan Workspace for Document Management in
Microsoft Teams?

Keep documents secure and compliant with ease.

Titan Workspace provides a document management solution that brings your files into a digital workspace where they remain easily retrievable, accessible to only the right parties, and simple to share. Through our secure document portal, you’ll facilitate better collaboration among all parties so you can stay competitive and cost efficient.

Only Titan’s solution is perfectly paired with our suite of offerings that streamline your entire digital workspace in Microsoft Teams. In conjunction with our Guest User Portal, Intranet, and Project and Task Management modules, our document management solution sends your productivity skyrocketing while ensuring security.

Prioritize document security
Without guaranteed security of your files and data, your collaboration solution isn’t worth the investment. Titan Workspace applies advanced security protocols to your digital document environment, so you rest easy knowing your files are safe.
Leverage the true power of SharePoint
SharePoint is one of the most powerful file-sharing solutions available, yet users struggle to adopt it because of its complexity. Titan Workspace allows you to take advantage of SharePoint without the confusion and clutter.
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Instant Benefits of Titan Workspace Document Management

Document Permissions

Easy-to-apply Document Permissions

Easily manage document security, restrictions, and approvals without learning SharePoint. Adoption and accessibility by all users make it more secure across the entire M365 ecosystem (Teams, Project, DMS).

Ensured Compliance

Ensured Compliance

Tracking document compliance and enforcing it is easy for HR or legal. Titan Document Management allows you to see whether employees have read and accepted documents.



Titan’s Free E-Sign service minimizes risk and accelerates your business with secure and compliant digital signature workflows. It also offers deep integration with Adobe E-Sign to track document approval process within MS Teams.

offline working

Offline Working

Your Teams, Projects and Department documents available in your local drive.

Document Approvals

Document Approvals

Easy file-sharing with both internal and external users means all parties approve documents faster and speed up workflows.


Consolidating Document Sources

With one dashboard, users can organize all document sources and save time on searching and retrieving files. Document sources are synced on your local drive.

Give your modern workforce a new way to work.

With no learning curve needed, Titan’s Document Management Solution rolls out quickly to your users so you can start seeing ROI immediately.

Experience the new way of working with Titan Workspace.

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