Enhancing Vendor Collaboration for Real Estate Success with Titan Workspace


One of the leading real estate developers in India has a presence across all major residential and commercial segments. If we talk about their work, then the company is renowned for its quality construction, innovative designs, and commitment to sustainability.

The leading real estate firm has been aiming to deliver projects on time and within the estimated budget of the buyer. By fulfilling all the commitments this real estate giant has won numerous awards for its excellence.

However, amidst this tapestry of success, a challenge emerged. The existing Guest User Portal of the firm, the gateway for vendor collaboration, faced challenges with inadequacies that hindered seamless communication and efficient project execution. Security measures were lax, document sharing was cumbersome, and real-time collaboration was a distant dream. The company yearned for a revamped portal that would not only bridge these gaps but also elevate collaboration to unprecedented heights.

With a vision of a transformed portal, the company embarked on a quest to find a solution that would revolutionize its vendor collaboration.

How is a Guest User Portal important in the Real Estate Industry?

A guest user portal is a valuable tool for real estate vendors in several ways:

  • Streamlined communication and collaboration: A guest user portal provides a centralized platform for vendors to communicate and collaborate.
  • Reduced costs: A guest user portal can help to reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper-based marketing materials and by reducing the need for administrative staff to handle routine tasks.
  • Increased efficiency: A guest user portal can help to increase efficiency by automating many of the tasks that are typically handled manually by vendors. This can free up vendors' time to focus on more strategic activities, such as prospecting for new clients and closing deals.
  • Improved compliance: A guest user portal can help to improve compliance with regulatory requirements by providing a centralized repository for documents and records.

This case study aims to delve into the multifaceted aspects of Guest User Portal, exploring its evolution, strategic collaborations with various companies, the selection of Titan Workspace for enhancing functionality, the paramount focus on document and content security, and the seamless process of document sharing with vendors.

Challenges faced

  • Managing and controlling access to sensitive information for external guests
  • Collaborating with multiple companies on projects that require sharing sensitive data.
  • Ensuring the security of sensitive data when sharing it with vendors
  • Maintaining a centralized repository for storing and sharing documents

How Titan Workspace Helped

Titan Workspace’s Guest User Portal has emerged as the right choice for the leading real estate firm when it comes to vendor collaboration. By choosing Titan Workspace, the company was able to bring a change into their guest user portal. Titan Workspace helped the real estate industry by:

  • Establishing a secure and controlled portal for external guests to access project-related information.
  • Tailoring access permissions to each guest's individual role and project involvement.
  • Implementing granular access controls that govern what guests can view, download, and share.
  • Creating secure workspaces for collaborative projects involving multiple companies.
  • Facilitating the sharing of project documents, tasks, and timelines among authorized participants.
  • Ensuring Document and Content Security to protect data at rest and in transit. Also storing the project documents in a centralized repository.
  • Granting vendors access to project information based on their specific roles and responsibilities.
  • Establishing a data retention policy that defines the time limit for which guest access to project information remains active.
  • Allowing guests to access and collaborate on documents without the need to download or store them locally.

Transforming Access Management for Success in Real Estate

  • The renowned real estate company has achieved significant success using Titan Workspace to manage access to sensitive information for external guests.
  • The digital workplace solution allows the establishment of dedicated guest portals, precise access permissions, and strict data security protocols, streamlining project workflows.
  • The Guest User Portal within Titan Workspace has proven invaluable for the real estate firm, contributing to reduction in manual document management work, increase in productivity by eliminating time wasted on incorrect document versions, decrease in time for filing and finding a document.
  • By using more than 50 guest user portals, the company maintained its position as a trusted leader in the real estate industry.

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