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DMS: The Saviour of intranet users

Workplace documentation for any organization is like an information bank without which the company can neither function nor grow, so it is vital to managing this “bank” properly as it holds valuable data. Let's take an example of a scenario, suppose you get an essential mail from your manager asking you to forward a file that he needed for an upcoming urgent meeting. No worries, now you go to the company's shared drive search for that file but find it difficult to identify the latest version of it. Then you go to the search bar, type the relevant file name but still the results show a list of files with appropriate generic names, and again you are not even close to finding it. Conclusion, Information not accessible when it is most needed.

It is essential for any digital workplace to have a DMS. Now, what exactly is a Document Management System? DMS, as the name suggests, is a program used to handle, manage, share, search various files and documents. DMS may be stand-alone, made following the needs of the organization or else it can also be part of a digital workplace. An efficient, powerful DMS can save much time which on the contrary is wasted due to searching of files, managing versions, etc. hence making it a crucial part of the intranet and we can agree upon the fact that the phrase “time is money” is in the corporate world.

Advantages of DMS: • Fluidity in collaboration and communication
Collaboration and communication among the employees of the organization sitting in different geographical locations become easy due to quick access and efficient Document sharing. Options like private, group sharing or departmental sharing give an edge to the user since privacy and authority also plays a key role while sharing essential documents within the digital workplace.
• Version control
In a standard setting, it is complicated to manage various versions of a document by the employees within the organization. However, if armed with a DMS, this problem can be tackled quickly, not only the latest updated reports but also other archaic versions of the files and document are made easily accessible and manageable for the users. Finding different data comprising of different versions will become hassle-free.
• Integration with external document storage applications
While getting used to a newly adopted intranet and it's DMS, users may also want to have access to their files and documents present within the applications like One Drive. Thus digital workplaces like Titan Workspace offers integration of One Drive with its DMS, so that it becomes easy for the users to directly access their One Drive documents from Titan Workspace's DMS itself, making it a one-stop shop to manage documents and files, and removing the dependency over other traditional data related applications.
• Encourages the business to go green
This advantage may sound generic, but in today's tech-savvy environment organizations, especially government sectors still rely on physical storage, hence wasting time, productivity and money. It has to change to keep up with the fast-paced industrial norms. Investment in a suitable digital workplace with an efficient DMS may be costly at first, but the results afterward can do wonders and give a quite impressive ROI. Also going paperless means going green, so everyone in the organization can at least be proud of their little contribution towards saving the planet!
• May I have your Permission?
One more flexible feature in DMS is that of permissions; now there may be some files which aren't meant for changes; thus users can share such data by restricting the authorization to read-only. On the other, if there are some project related files circulated within the team members which may need radical changes, in such case the user can initially grant the permission to the receivers or team members to both read and edit the file.
• Increase in search efficiency and a decrease in your stress levels!
By having a dedicated Search functionality, the user can easily search through files present in the DMS by typing relevant metadata, name or any related info of the required document. However, what if the user does not remember the name of the file at all, but only its contents? No worries, intranet solutions like Titan Workspace have a powerful search feature called the Enterprise Search that helps the user to find any file even if it is searched by typing its content. Great isn't it?

Conclusion: Armed with so many features, a DMS plays a crucial role in a Digital Workplace. Sticking to old ways for document management may be convenient but is too risky. Thus more and more industries should adopt it, to keep up with the competition as the only thing constant in the world is change..

  • Sumana Ghosh
  • September 16, 2022
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