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Create a Digital Workspace in Microsoft 365

Titan Workspace’s Intranet connects employees in meaningful ways.

Keep your remote workforce connected

It’s no small task to ensure employees working from all over the world, across all types of devices, can safely and easily collaborate. But that’s what business leaders have to figure out today. Titan Workspace offers our unique Intranet portal on Microsoft Teams to help. With productivity tools for collaboration, content management, and more, your users have a seamless way to stay engaged through the Intranet. No deep technical expertise is needed to immediately get up and running using the portal, so your users access a modern digital experience and you can start seeing ROI from your Microsoft 365 investment.

Encourage better internal communication
Titan’s Intranet is all about keeping employees informed. From enabling employees to upload content in easy ways to keeping them on top of company updates, Titan’s intranet simplifies the environment they’ll use to stay in touch.
Maintain a unified brand for hybrid workers
Share and promote content among user-specified groups, whole departments, or the entire company to build a more cohesive brand—no matter where employees are located.

Why Titan Workspace for Your Intranet Portal on Microsoft Teams?

You do not need a custom development company to build you an Intranet. With Titan, your Intranet is easy to set up, and any business user can be an administrator.

In conjunction with our Document Management, Guest User Portal, and Project and Task Management modules, our Intranet delivers on employee engagement while integrating with Titan Workspace modules that ensure secure collaboration.

Instant Benefits of Using Titan’s Intranet

Connected Workforce

Connected Workforce

Employees can easily collaborate on documents in real time.

Better Productivity

Better Productivity

With employees engaged, they will work smarter and more efficiently.

HR Support

HR Support

HR can stay connected with employees to provide more focused communications.

Compliance & Security

Compliance & Security

Your digital workplace is accessible only to the right parties with the right permissions.

More Flexibility

More Flexibility

Distribute company-wide messages through the Intranet while giving employees flexibility to work from anywhere.

Get in Touch

We’ll be glad to answer your queries regarding purchase and implementation

Our Intranet Portal on Microsoft Teams includes:

  • Announcements
  • News
  • Blogs, Articles etc.
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Recognitions
  • Occasions & Celebrations
  • Experiences
  • Organization Structure
  • Quick Links
  • Events
  • Media gallery
  • Employee Directory
  • Office location directory
  • Polls
  • Question & Answers
  • New Joinee announcements
  • New Initiatives
  • Suggestions
  • Social (Yammer, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Multi Company Intranet on a single tenant of O365
  • 100% configurable
  • Custom theme settings

How Businesses are Leveraging Our Intranet on
Microsoft Teams

Gather Employee Feedback
Surveys in Titan Workspace facilitate employee feedback with the option for multiple questions with multiple choices
Participants remain anonymous and can easily complete the survey through your digital workplace
Improve employee engagement through analyzing survey results
Deliver Role-Based Content
Leverage the timeline feature to add announcements, recognition notices, and more
With this social media-like capability, employees stay connected and engaged
Employees receive notification about updates specific to their region and role

Give your Modern Workforce a True Digital Experience.

Titan’s Intranet solution rolls out immediately to your users while eliminating the need for custom software development. It’s an out-of-the-box solution.

Experience the new way of working with Titan Workspace.

Get in touch with a Titan expert.

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