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Grow your M365 profits by 3x

Elevate Your Cloud Services

Bundle Document Management and Workflows with M365 Subscriptions. Enhance M365 Deals with Added Value, Beyond Just Licensing.


Why Partner with Titan Workspace?

Value proposition to Microsoft Partners:

  • Boost M365 cloud profitability, with Titan Workspace offering margins that are three times higher.
  • Enhance customer retention by adopting a more strategic approach with your M365 customers.
  • Differentiate from rest of M365 CSPs or MSPs by delivering a value-added solution to your existing M365 customer base.
  • Stand out from other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) by bundling Document Management and Workflows with M365 subscriptions. Provide added value to M365 deals, extending beyond just M365 licenses.
  • Assist your clients in improving their M365 adoption, ensuring they fully utilize the platform’s capabilities.
  • Deliver quick and cost-effective alternative to M365 customers those are struggling with SharePoint projects.

Vast Partnering Opportunity

With Microsoft’s dominance in M365 and the modern workplace, the potential for growth is boundless. The rate at which Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are transitioning to M365 is increasing exponentially each year. Many of these businesses are seeking effective solutions without the hefty price tag of custom development. Customers recognize the capabilities of M365 and are in need of simple and affordable solutions that can enhance both their internal and external collaboration. At present, Titan Workspace stands unrivaled, offering integrated Document Management and Workflow Automation within Teams, with no direct competitors in sight.

Adding value to your M365 customer

Enhance the adoption of M365, leading to a superior return on investment (ROI) for M365 investments.
Remove the necessity for SharePoint customization and training by simplifying the user experience.
Achieve a significant 60% cost reduction in workflow automation by eliminating the need for costly Power Apps subscriptions and services.

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