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Keep Users Connected and Your Company Secure Through Titan’s Guest User Portal

Empower multiple parties to safely collaborate from anywhere.

Why Titan Workspace for guest user access?

Securely onboard and exit guest users with a platform designed to eliminate the risk of managing this process. Our guest user portal is built to handle hundreds of users concurrently while delivering collaboration capabilities and enhancing productivity and security. Eliminate the annual access audit surprises.

Promote Secure Collaboration

Titan Workspace allows your organization to extend your dedicated guest user portal to third parties and external users, including customers, partners, vendors, subcontractors, and more. Only with Titan’s Guest User Portal are you able to create a user profile with an end date—leveling up access security. You can easily manage compliance and security for guest users.

Simplify Vendor Interaction
Collaborate with your vendors through a dedicated portal to more easily perform material procurement, resource procurement, and more. Your internal users can share important documents with permissions to vendors while maintaining the security of the documents. Vendors come to your secure portal to work.
Keep Employees and Non-employee Collaborators Connected
Your internal users can assign tasks to external users through Titan’s task module so they can easily monitor work allocated and obtain necessary information to keep projects moving. This creates a manageable and secure collaboration platform and standard.
Ready to find out how Titan Workspace can boost your company?

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The Titan Workspace guest user portal allows you to:


Customize guest experience based on company need

You can dedicate individual portals for guest user access for every external entity. Create your guest portal based on the actual business need for collaboration.

Collaborate with individual

Collaborate with individuals or entities

In a portal for one external company, you can invite that company’s relevant staff in case a customer group or consulting team needs to collaborate.

Customized Collab

Customize your collaboration experience

Your customers see their own branding in the portal—cementing your working relationship. Our portal template is designed to accommodate your specific collaboration requirements, including guest branding.

No license

No Microsoft licenses needed

This portal does not require additional M365 licenses to allow guests to fully collaborate on the platform.

Use Cases

Integrate external parties safely into your internal projects.

A better way to manage your projects

Experience the new way of working with Titan Workspace.

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