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Simplifying SharePoint
Investor Reporting Portal for Real Estate Management Companies

Simplifying property management with a secure Investor Portal, streamlining document sharing for seamless collaboration between property management companies and investors

An Investor Portal: Securing Documents and Simplifying Collaboration for Property Management


Investor Reporting Portal

Delivers a faster and more secure method for sharing monthly reports or confidential information with investors, limited partners, or other essential external stakeholders for reporting needs, all conveniently accessible through a single portal

  • Investors can access information organized by property
  • The ability to restrict read, edit, download, or print permissions on shared documents
  • Document version control and access
  • Property-based document filing
  • Alerts and notifications for all collaborators
  • Investors do not need an Office365 account or license
  • Eliminate the need for email attachments by sharing through the Investor Portal

Document Management

Titan Workspace simplifies secure document storage for property management firms. Share any document easily and efficiently with investors or external stakeholders without having to pay extra for third-party tools. By using SharePoint, Titan Workspace offers a smooth and user-friendly experience that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams

  • Organizes document storage by property type (residential, commercial, industrial)
  • Offers property-specific user access permissions
  • Allows users to selectively share documents with Investors
  • Includes version control and retention policies for documents
  • Provides an approval process for documents
  • Ability to track shared documents and revoke Investor access if necessary
  • E-signature service included in subscription package

Workflows and Approvals

Property management companies and investors frequently require efficient and secure approval processes. Titan Workspace allows you to create approval workflows that involve internal users and external stakeholders in a variety of approval processes such as

  • Document approval workflows
  • Budget approvals
  • Purchase request
  • Expense approvals

* Workflows can be customized according to the business needs. *

Delivering seamless integrated solution within Microsoft Teams


No need of developers for Power Platform or SharePoint.


80% cost saving as compared to custom workflow development.


Fully integrated with your Azure AD and deployed on customer’s M365 tenant.

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