Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited Securely Manages 11 million Documents in single M365 Tenant with Titan Workspace


Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), a leading manufacturer of fluorochemicals headquartered in Dahej, Gujarat faced a significant challenge in managing and securing the live data of its rapidly growing volume of documents. While talking about the documents to manage, including contracts, invoices, proposals, JMR cost-tracking, procurement tracking, lab reporting, and more, the company's existing document management system was struggling to keep up.

GFL needed a solution that could provide centralized storage with robust security to secure their live data enabling efficient search and retrieval. Apart from the specifications and customization, the business needed a solution that could fit their budget and get implemented within a short period of time.

Challenges and needs of the fluorochemical manufacturing company

  • Uncontrolled document proliferation: GFL's documents were scattered across various folders and systems including emails and Excel sheets, making it difficult to find the right information quickly.
  • Version control issues: Multiple versions of the same document existed, leading to confusion and errors.
  • Limited accessibility: Remote employees and external collaborators had limited access to critical documents. The rapidly growing business demanded a solution that can be easily accessed remotely by different departments.
  • Manual Process: GFL has engineering plants spread across various locations. Previously, all documentation processes were managed manually on paper. This caused significant delays as physical documents had to be sent back and forth from the manufacturing plants over long distances between sites.
  • Compliance concerns: GFL needed a system that could ensure compliance with industry regulations and data privacy laws with a centralized repository.
  • Performance issues: SharePoint Online list has a threshold limit of five thousand documents per library and with the scale of more than 11 million documents it was almost impossible to manage it without compromising of performance and security.
  • Time-consuming document search: Employees waste valuable time hunting for documents within the extensive libraries, hindering productivity.
  • Improper filing: Generic SharePoint indexing could not capture the nuanced details and descriptors needed for quick and accurate searches. Adding custom meta-data was complex for business users without IT expertise.
  • Ineffective search results: Without proper categorization, searches miss relevant documents or return irrelevant ones, wasting time and effort.

How Titan Workspace solved the challenges faced by GFL

In 2023 year, GFL implemented Titan Workspace's Document Management System Module to address these challenges. The solution was integrated seamlessly with GFL's existing Microsoft 365 environment, leveraging the familiar SharePoint interface and Power Automate capabilities. This made it easy for users to adopt the new system and minimize disruption to their workflows.

Interestingly within just 1 year, GFL has successfully stored 11 million documents within the document management system in a single M365 tenant.

Quantifiable Results

  • 11 million documents in single M365 tenant: With document management system, the company has now centralized all GFL's documents, making them easily accessible to authorized users.
  • Reduced search time: With dynamic search features, users can now find the documents they need in a span of a few minutes, regardless of their location.
  • Improved version control: It has been ensured that only the latest version of each document is accessible, eliminating confusion and errors.
  • Enhanced accessibility: Remote employees and external collaborators can now securely access documents through a web browser or mobile app.
  • Increased compliance: Titan Workspace's robust security features and audit trails help GFL meet industry regulations and data privacy laws.
  • Enhanced Performance: Titan Workspace helped the client structure their 11 million documents in a way that the limitation of 5000 records per library did not impact performance or security. The unique architecture conquered SharePoint's limitations, enabling the client to manage millions of documents within M365.

Business Benefit

  • Increased efficiency: The document management processes, saving time and resources.
  • Reduced costs: Improved document management has led to cost savings in storage, printing, and IT support.
  • Improved collaboration: Titan Workspace facilitates collaboration and information sharing across teams, departments, and external partners.
  • Enhanced security: The security and integrity of GFL's documents with advanced security features and access controls has been enhanced.
  • Low/No-Code Capabilities: Titan Workspace’s low/No-Code Capabilities empowered the workforce of the company to access the document management system without any coding knowledge and IT support. The company along with their workforce was able to focus on more productive tasks rather than technical learning.


“Titan Workspace has revolutionized our document management process. The consolidation and filing of documents into secured and all-time available repositories have made it incredibly easy for us to locate them quickly. This efficiency has not only saved us valuable time but also significantly improved our document control and collaboration within and outside the organization. I highly recommend this platform to any organization looking to enhance their document management system and team collaboration.”

Saurabh Gupta
Group Chief Digital and Information Officer

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