Pioneering Fluorochemical Manufacturers Forge a New Path: Titan Workspace Automates SOP Process for a Transformation

One of the leading fluorochemical manufacturers in the industry encountered significant challenges in the approval of their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Process. The list of challenges included a standardized documentation SOP because the different forms in various formats created chaos. Moreover, the process also demanded a workflow automation solution to eliminate all the manual and email-based of tasks.

The leading fluorochemical manufacturers were looking for a quick solution that could be quickly customized and integrated within their existing Microsoft 365 environment, all within a tight timeframe and budget constraints.

Understanding SOP Process

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) also known as SOP Process are written instructions that explain how to do a job or consistently operate a machine. These step-by-step guides help ensure that tasks are completed correctly and safely every time. SOPs are important because they:

  1. Maintain quality and accuracy across the organization
  2. Keep people safe by following proper procedures
  3. Improve efficiency by providing a clear process to follow
  4. Allow for training of new employees on the right way to do things

Whether learning to use a new piece of equipment or carrying out a routine task, having a practice of SOP creation to refer to helps prevent mistakes and keeps operations running smoothly.

Challenges Faced by the leading fluorochemical manufacturers

  1. Chaos from Multiple Formats: Different forms in various formats created confusion and a lack of standardization. The manual SOP process lacked consistency and posed compliance risks.
  2. Inefficiencies in Circulating SOPs: SOPs had to be circulated to different plants, leading to inefficiencies and delays.
  3. Lack of Standardized Format: Lack of a standard operating process template for applications hindered clarity and comprehension.
  4. Manual Approval Process: Manual sharing of documents with multiple stakeholders for approval was time-consuming and error prone.

Solution Implemented by Titan Workspace

  1. Workflow Automation: Titan Workspace’s workflow automation module provided a comprehensive solution to streamline the SOP process. Standardized forms were created using an intuitive interface, eliminating chaos from multiple formats.
  2. Automated Workflow: Streamlined SOP approval process, reducing delays and ensuring consistency. By eliminating the manual email-based process the company was able to streamline the process.
  3. Customization Options: Titan Workspace’s Low/No Code capabilities allowed the fluorochemical manufacturers to customize the Standard Operating Process template and workflow automation according to their business needs.
  4. Seamless Integration: Integrated within Microsoft 365 environment for easy adoption and integration. Titan Workspace leveraged its existing M365 subscription and integrated the solution within a short span of time and pocket-friendly prices. 


How did Fluorochemical manufacturers gain business benefits?

  1. Enhanced Transparency: With easy-to-use dashboards the fluorochemical manufacturers were able to gain transparency into the whole approval processIt improved the 60% visibility at every stage of the SOP process.
  2. Improved Clarity and Comprehension: With the Standardized Operating Process template the company was able to gain more clarity. Moreover, they spent more time on approval rather than spending it on the SOP creation.
  3. Optimized Efficiency: With customized workflow automation optimized efficiency. Now the approval emails were not lost in the flooded inboxes and were easily traceable by the stakeholders.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Minimized manual labour and reduced errors, leading to cost savings. Moreover, the seamless integration within the existing system saved bucks for the company.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface facilitated seamless adoption across the organization. Titan Workspace’s eliminate the complexity of SharePoint and M365 making it easier for the users to use.


In conclusion, the implementation of Titan Workspace's Workflow Automation Module revolutionized the SOP process for fluorochemical manufacturers, addressing challenges effectively and delivering significant business benefits.

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