Automobile Manufacturing Giant Enhanced Document Security and Search Capabilities By 70% With Titan Workspace


Imagine a scene straight out of a workplace sitcom: A frustrated engineer frantically searches their computer for a crucial purchase order. Dead ends abound – local folders, shared drives, emails – each holding a different version of the document. Time ticks by as they desperately seek the latest revision. This scenario, unfortunately, played out all too often for the purchase department at a leading automobile manufacturer. The lack of access control of document management system was making it tough for the manufacturing company to securely share the check the latest version of the documents.

Creating a central repository within OneDrive wasn't feasible and learning the intricacies of SharePoint felt like scaling Mount Everest for busy employees. The company understood the need for a document management system that can not only provide attribute based access control for document management system, but will also be implemented within their existing M365 system at a pocket-friendly price.

Desperate for a solution, the manufacturer turned to Titan Workspace for DMS solution. This user-friendly document management system became the hero they never knew they needed. The DMS empowered the purchase department to create a departmental document library, putting an end to the document diaspora. Here's how Titan Workspace became a game-changer.

What were the challenges faced by the leading automobile manufacturer?

  1. Scattered Documents: Crucial purchase order documents were housed in various locations, including local machines, shared drives, and emails. This lack of centralization made it difficult to locate the latest version and hampered collaboration.
  2. Version Control Woes: Multiple versions of documents existed, leading to confusion and potential errors. Determining the most up-to-date version became a time-consuming task.
  3. IT Bottleneck: The purchase department relied heavily on IT for secure file sharing with role based access control for document management system. This created a bottleneck, delaying workflows and hindering productivity.
  4. Limited Repository Options: Creating a central repository within OneDrive proved impractical. Learning a complex system like SharePoint wasn't a viable option for busy employees who needed a user-friendly solution.

How did Titan Workspace manage to tackle the challenges?

The implementation of Titan Workspace Document Management System (DMS) addressed these challenges comprehensively:

  1. Access Control Features: Titan Workspace DMS boasts an intuitive permission console. Departmental users can now manage mandatory access control with ease, ensuring the right personnel have the necessary permissions without needing in-depth SharePoint knowledge.
  2. Robust Search Functionality: Locating documents is a breeze with powerful search features. Users can identify the latest versions quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time previously spent sifting through endless folders or outdated versions.
  3. 24/7 Accessibility: Titan Workspace’s DMS allows secure document access from any device, at any time. This fosters seamless collaboration across teams and locations, regardless of traditional working hours.

What were the benefits of implementing Titan Workspace’s Document management system?

  1. Improved Efficiency: Centralized document storage with access control for document management system and robust search capabilities significantly increasing productivity by 70%
  2. Enhanced Productivity: With readily available and up-to-date documents, the purchase department experiences a 40% boost in response time.
  3. Reduced IT Burden: Titan DMS empowers departmental users to manage documents with attribute based access control. This frees up valuable IT resources previously dedicated to handling document sharing requests, leading to a 70-hour monthly time saving for the IT department.
  4. Cost Savings: Increased efficiency, shortened turnaround times, and reduced IT workload culminate in significant cost savings for the organization. Time saved is money earned, and Titan Workspace DMS helps unlock this valuable resource.


By implementing Titan Workspace DMS, a leading automobile manufacturer transformed its document management landscape with access control for document management systems. Scattered documents and version control issues are a thing of the past.
The solution empowers the purchase department to collaborate effectively, improve efficiency, and ultimately, contribute to the organization's success. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of user-friendly document management solutions in the competitive automotive industry.

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