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Simplify Document Management in Microsoft Teams

Titan Workspace keeps your documents secure, accessible, and compliant.

Why Titan Workspace for Document Management in
Microsoft Teams?

Titan Workspace empowers organizations to streamline document management seamlessly within Microsoft Teams, fostering collaboration, security, and control—all without the complexities of SharePoint. Here is how it elevates your document management experience:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency through simplified filing, search, retrieval, and collaboration. Users can easily find needed documents.

  • Better compliance with legal, regulatory, and internal policy requirements through consistent controls, retention schedules, and access permissions.

  • Better collaboration through document sharing capabilities and multi-user editing.

  • Enhanced data security and governance with role-based access, robust permission settings, and authentication protocols.

  • Increased accessibility and transparency by enabling guest portals for external parties to access documents.

  • Reduced costs and risks with centralized repositories instead of multiple fragmented systems. Also, from minimizing duplicated or redundant documents.

  • Continuity of operations with offline accessibility and synchronization across devices.

  • Process improvements through task assignment, progress dashboards, and version control providing audit trails.

Guest Portal
Guest Portal
Work Offline
Work Offline
Ready to see how Titan Workspace can transform your business?

Discovering the Power of Titan Workspace’s Document and Record Management Through User Scenarios

Document Permissions

Tailoring Document Repositories to Meet Organizational Requirements

Titan Workspace enables intuitive filing of documents and records based on unique properties and special requirement. This minimizes misplacement risk and enhances organization-wide access.

Ensured Compliance

Customizable Document Approval Policies Tailored to User Requirements and Process Needs

Titan Workspace simplifies multi-step document approval workflows. Users establish rules to route documents to approvers, track status, and secure final versions with e-signatures.


Simplifying Document Sharing for Internal and External Users

Our solution eliminates the complexity of SharePoint, enabling simple external sharing and collaboration through managed portals tailored to custom groups.

offline working

Integrated E-Signature Feature

With built-in e-signature capabilities, Titan Workspace reduces reliance on third-party services, cutting costs by over 70% across departments.

Document Approvals

Secure Offline Access to Office365 Documents

Our offline document access empowers productivity anytime, anywhere while retaining security settings including edit, create, collaborate offline.


Enhancing Internal Compliance

Titan Workspace allows effortless tracking of who has read or acknowledged documents, eliminating manual follow-ups. Dashboards and reminders enhance compliance.


Managing Document Security without SharePoint Knowledge

Applying detailed restrictions when sharing files through Microsoft 365 is too complex for many users. Titan Workspace makes it easy, allowing teams to securely collaborate with internal and external partners without mastering intricacies of SharePoint permissions.


Enhancing Document Security in MS Teams Without SharePoint Expertise

Microsoft Teams files are often overexposed. Mastering access controls in SharePoint is complex. Titan Workplace applies needed security to Teams channel documents easily without this expertise.


Enhancing Document Discoverability

Titan Workspace brings together scattered documents from across email, file servers, SharePoint sites and more into unified repositories designed around each team’s needs, slashing search times with powerful tools.

Use Cases

Give your modern workforce a new way to work.

Securely manage and access your documents from anywhere, anytime

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