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Why do businesses need Titan Workspace?

90% of enterprise subscribers of Microsoft 365 use less than 30% of the platform capabilities. The root causes? A less intuitive interface and a cluttered menu system that often leads to a frustrating user experience and diminished productivity. Titan Workspace addresses these challenges by removing these complexities and transforming Microsoft 365 into a user-friendly platform.

Stop email-based manual approvals and
start automating your internal processes in M365
with Titan Workflow Automation tool.

Power Apps subscription
not needed
You can save up to 60% as compared to Power Apps or custom development

The Most User-Friendly Document Management System

Titan Workspace elevates Teams and M365 to a sophisticated yet simple to use document management system using best of SharePoint features.

Document Approvals
Document Approvals

User defined or pre-defined document approvals.


Titan e-Sign is a free digital signature service for document signatures.

Guest User Portal
Guest User Portal

Extend secure portal for document sharing to customers, vendors, subcontractors or external users.

Organized filings
Organized filings

Purposeful document repositories as per business needs.

Revolutionize Your Microsoft Teams Experience Today

User Adoption

Increase User Adoption

Titan resolves the typical problems that prevent high user adoption of Microsoft 365, so everyone enjoys their experience.


Keep Remote Workers Engaged

With reliable, user-friendly access on any device from any location, remote workers stay in touch and on task.

Make Projects More Efficient

Make Projects More Efficient

With external and internal users able to easily share documents and collaborate, you’ll complete projects faster.


Stay Compliant

Built-in version control eliminates compliant concerns as you ensure secure sharing with external parties.

Speed Up Approvals

Speed Up Approvals

E-signature capabilities make obtaining approvals easy and drive faster workflows.

cut cost

Cut Costs

There’s no need for wasted money on other tools or wasted time on paper-based processes with Titan.

Hear from our clients across the globe

Clients Who use Titan Workspace

Today’s modern workforce requires modern solutions.

Experience the new way of working with Titan Workspace.


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