70% Boost in Speed and Accuracy: Training Company Finds Success with Titan Workspace


Training and Development companies have a lot to offer. One of these companies boasting over 10,000 graduates in 2019 alone and offering over 20 bespoke courses, faced challenges managing their vast course materials. They needed a user-friendly, secure, and reliable system to streamline their document management.

Being a Microsoft 365 user, they were in search of a solution that can be easily integrated into their existing M365 environment without any third-party app or licence. Apart from this their demand for integration of document management system with the existing project and task management tool was making it more challenging for them to find the right solution. But with Titan Workspace’s document management solution they were able to find a budget-friendly, user-friendly, and a solution that can be customized and integrated into their existing M365 environment in a short span of time.

What were the problems with the previous document management system?

Switching to the digital era wasn’t easy and since they were using various other automated workflows like leave approval and project task management, handling document physically and manually was becoming challenging for them. Various other factors included:

  1. Time-Consuming Document Handling: Employees spent a significant amount of time locating, retrieving, and managing documents.
  2. Risk of Human Error: Manual entry and handling increased the likelihood of errors, leading to inconsistencies and potential compliance issues.
  3. Inefficient Collaboration: Sharing and collaborating on documents across departments was cumbersome and inefficient.
  4. Limited Accessibility: Documents were often stored in physical files or disparate digital locations, making it difficult for remote employees to access them.
  5. Security Concerns: Protecting sensitive information and ensuring only authorized personnel had access to specific documents was challenging.

How did Titan Workspace solved the problem?

Titan Workspace’s document management system module was customized according to the needs and demands of the company. The customization included:

  1. DMS Integrated within Existing M365: The seamless integration of Titan Workspace’s DMS with Microsoft 365 allowed for easy adoption and use within the company's existing digital ecosystem.
  2. E-Sign Features: The inclusion of electronic signature capabilities streamlined the approval processes, reducing the need for physical signatures and accelerating document turnaround times.
  3. Advanced Search Features: Powerful search functionalities enabled employees to quickly locate documents using various criteria, significantly reducing the time spent on document retrieval.
  4. Group Library: The Group Library feature facilitated organized and centralized storage of documents, ensuring easy access and management by relevant teams.
  5. Seamless Integration with Existing Project and Task Management: Integrating the DMS with the company's existing project and task management tools ensured a smooth workflow, with documents readily available where and when needed.

What were the benefits of using Titan Workspace’s Document Management System?

  1. Increased Efficiency: Streamlined document handling and retrieval processes saved up to 50% time for employees.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: With the top-notch search features 70% accuracy was observed while finding the right documents within the organization.
  3. Improved Collaboration: Centralized document storage and easy sharing features improved inter-departmental collaboration.
  4. Better Accessibility: Remote employees gained easier access to necessary documents, supporting flexible work arrangements.
  5. Heightened Security: Enhanced security features ensured that sensitive documents were accessible only to authorized personnel, improving overall data protection.


By integrating Titan Workspace’s Document Management System, the training and development company overcame the inefficiencies and risks associated with their previous manual processes. The transition not only streamlined their documentation workflows but also enhanced collaboration, accuracy, and security across the organization. This case study demonstrates the significant impact of adopting an advanced DMS in improving operational efficiency and supporting the company's growth and success.

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