Leading Infotech company implemented IT document management system to manage various projects and clients


With the ever-growing business landscape, the demand for technological solutions continues to grow. Although IT companies are always there with their top-notch services, they often find themselves managing multiple projects for various clients simultaneously. As soon they take over a project it comes with multiple documentation, from project plans to contracts, creating a challenge to efficiently organize and access these documents. The IT document management system is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring client satisfaction. However, with the increasing complexity of projects, manually managing documents becomes cumbersome and prone to errors.

The company was in search of an effecting IT document management system for M365 that can be quickly configured as per to their needs but within their budgets. Titan Workspace understood the demand of the growing IT company and solved their problems with document management system module.

What were the major challenges faced by the IT company?

Prior to implementing a DMS, the IT company faced several challenges in managing project documents efficiently. These challenges included:

1. Manual Process: The dependency on manual methods such as email chains for document sharing and approval led to inefficiencies and delays in project workflows. Moreover, it was tough to track and align it with the existing project and task management system.
2. Lack of Transparency: Tracking the status of documents and identifying bottlenecks in the approval process was challenging due to the absence of a centralized system.
3.Time-Consuming Processes: Manual document handling resulted in prolonged processing times, impacting project timelines and delivery schedules.
4. Paperwork Overload: Managing extensive paperwork for each project consumed valuable time and resources, making it difficult to track and organize documents effectively.
5. Records management: Filing a document in the absence of a proper records management system was reducing productivity as employees were taking more than the required time to get right document with the latest versioning.

How did Titan Workspace solve their problem with DMS module?

To address these challenges, the IT company partnered with Titan Workspace to implement a customized IT Document Management System. Titan Workspace offered the following solutions:

1. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: Titan Workspace seamlessly integrated its DMS with the company's existing Microsoft 365 subscription, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.
2. Customization: Tailored document libraries were created for each client and project, allowing for organized storage and easy retrieval of documents.
3. Enhanced Security Measures: Titan Workspace provided a secure portal to store confidential documents, ensuring data integrity and compliance with privacy regulations. Granular access ensured the safety of confidential documents.
4. Intuitive Interface: Titan Workspace's DMS boasted an intuitive interface, enabling effortless navigation and quick document retrieval, thereby enhancing user productivity and adoption rates.

What were the benefits of using Titan Workspace’s DMS module?

The implementation of Titan Workspace's DMS yielded significant benefits for the IT company:

1. Cost-Effectiveness: Integration within the existing Microsoft 365 subscription resulted in cost savings, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure or software.
2. Productivity Improvement: With streamlined document management processes, productivity increased by up to 60%, enabling teams to focus more on project deliverables rather than administrative tasks.
3. Transparency Enhancement: The centralized DMS provided visibility into document status and workflow progress, improving transparency and accountability across teams.
4. Time Savings: By eliminating manual document handling processes, the company saved valuable time that would have otherwise been spent on administrative tasks.


The new Document Management System from Titan Workspace helped the IT company solve their document management problems. It made processes simpler, improved teamwork, and kept documents secure. The system was customized for the company's needs and integrated smoothly. With better document management, the IT company could focus on providing great service to clients while effectively handling project documents. The Titan Workspace solution boosted efficiency and productivity for the IT company.

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