How Titan Workspace Transforms Project and Task Management Process for Leading IT Company?


One of the leading infotech company, a dynamic player in the IT solutions arena, faced the daunting task of managing multiple projects for a diverse clientele. The need for an efficient took for project and task management process became evident as the lack of transparency and the chaos of juggling multiple projects hindered productivity.
The company was searching for a solution that can be easily integrated within their existing M365 environment in a budget friendly price and customized according to their task management process. However, Titan Workspace emerged as the ideal solution for managing the diverse clienteles of the leading IT company.

What were the challenges faced by the leading IT Company?

  1. Multiple Clients: Serving over 70 clients simultaneously added complexity to project requirements and communication channels.
  2. Lack of Transparency: Project progress and task assignments suffered due to a lack of transparency, leading to inefficiencies and misunderstandings.
  3. Chaos from Multiple Projects: Juggling numerous projects simultaneously created chaos, making prioritization and resource allocation a challenge.
  4. Streamlined Client-Team Alignment: Titan Workspace provided a clear overview of which team is working with which client, eliminating the confusion, and streamlining client-team alignment.

How Titan Workspace solved the challenges?

By using the project and task management module, Titan Workspace simplified the stages of task management process for the leading IT company. The list of solution implemented includes:

  1. Project Management Implementation: The leading IT company adopted the Project and Task module of Titan Workspace to streamline project and task management process for all the clientele in the list.
  2. Integration with M365 Subscription: The SharePoint task management was seamlessly implemented within the existing Microsoft 365 subscription, ensuring compatibility and smooth project tracking process.
  3. Centralized Task Management: Titan Workspace provided a centralized platform for managing tasks across all projects, enhancing visibility and collaboration.
  4. Efficient Task Assignment and Automated Updates: The project management implementation simplified task assignment within the internal team for each project. Automated email notifications ensured that team members remained updated with the progress status.

Business Benefits of using Titan Workspace’s Project and Task Management

  1. Efficient Management: Titan Workspace empowered the leading IT company with ideal project management breaking down tasks silos to manage projects for over 70 clients from a single portal. It simplified communication and coordination.
  2. Improved Productivity: Task management efficiency increased by 30% post-implementation, boosting overall productivity and improved transparency.
  3. Streamlined Resource Allocation: Clear visibility into project timelines and resource requirements led to a 30% reduction in project costs through more efficient resource allocation.
  4. Accelerated Project Delivery: Projects were completed 20% faster due to streamlined task assignment and progress tracking facilitated by Titan Workspace.


The adoption of Titan Workspace's Project and Task module enabled the infotech company to conquer the challenges of diverse clientele and project management. By leveraging existing resources and integrating seamlessly with Microsoft 365, the company achieved tangible improvements in productivity, collaboration, resource allocation, and project delivery timelines.
With the ability to manage over 70 clients and their projects from a single portal, the leading IT company is poised for continued success in the competitive industry.

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