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Use cases

Managing Research Projects with the help of Titan Workspace
  • Research teams are using the Titan Workspace project module for working together on a particular research project.
  • All team members of that project have access to a central project document repository.
  • Projects are divided into tasks which are tracked.
  • Management is looking at the progress of every research project through the Titan Workspace project management module.
  • Every research project is treated as a separate project
Taking Employee Feedback
  • Gather employee feedback with the help of the Survey feature in Titan Workspace.
  • Create multiple questions with multiple choices.
  • The identity of the participant is not disclosed and the HR department is able to take feedback and opinions on various issues.
  • This is helping the company improve various processes and functions.
  • Surveys are created and managed by business users who have permissions.
  • Companies have seen greater employee engagement with Surveys.
Document Control within a Department
  • Titan Workspace creates a dedicated document zone for every department which is accessible to departmental users only.
  • Department users can have Read or Edit rights on documents depending upon their permissions.
  • Departmental profiles in Active Directory are automatically picked and access granted.
  • Eliminates other departmental user access unless permission is granted.
  • Admin can delegate permissions to senior management to grant appropriate access to all departmental documents.
Creating a Knowledge Center within Microsoft Teams
  • Every department can create their own knowledge center for different topics.
  • Real world examples of how this feature is used are:
    • A customer is using this feature to provide field service engineers access to maintenance drawings and product literature such as fire & safety data sheets, floor plans, and security equipment. Videos are posted to the knowledge center to facilitate quick repairs.
    • A location for publishing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for various departmental and contract staff.
    • Creation of FAQs on for an intranet portal.
Managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Centralized location for all standard operating procedures, datasheets, product information, recipes, quality procedures, manufacturing procedures.
  • 24 x 7 access for all employees.
Managing Product launches & Events
  • Manage events and product launches with a centralized event portal.
  • Setup dedicated teams, documents and tasks for each event.
  • Centralized documents, marketing collateral, audio and video files, vendor data.
  • Set deadlines and track progress for all tasks.
  • Close and archive events for future use.
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