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Simplifying Project Management for everyone

When it comes to the project management tools, not everyone needs a complex and elaborate system. We believe that more than 80% of the employees need a tool that does not need any training to learn. Titan Workspace helps them to work as a team having single repository of documents along with the ability to assign tasks and monitor their progress.

Project site in Titan Workspace gives you a more simplified way of tracking a project's progress

  • Unified view of project team and their roles and engagement schedule
  • Define team member’s rights for documents, tasks and adding members to a team
  • Project Summary
  • Project Documents stored within Project Site
  • Project progress notifications
  • Project task and tracking
  • Task reminders
  • Project time sheet with approvals
  • Project billability report
  • Easy and user-friendly view

Titan Workspace Project sites View

Task Management

Task management is one of the most critical need especially when work from home is getting popular. Success of task system is attributed to its ability to manage productivity of distributed workforce and frontline workers.

Titan Workspace offers a comprehensive system to manage and monitor tasks with following features

  • Assign a general task or project task.
  • Assign a task to either an individual or a group.
  • In case of group task, there is a provision to track individual task completion for all assignees.
  • Dedicated chat for every individual task for comments and history.
  • Simplified way of showing task dashboard with In-Box and Out Box for every task.
  • Acknowledgement by task owner incase task is completed.
  • Track progress by target dates.
  • Track pending tasks for your subordinates.
  • One click reminder.
  • E-mail notification once tasks is assigned or overdue.
  • Time sheet can be filled against a task.
  • Approval of timesheet against a task
  • Task dependencies and tracking of dependencies

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