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Simplify Project and Task Management

Stop managing projects and task with Excel Sheets

Why Titan Workspace for projects and tasks?

The reality in business today is that unless you are a PMI or professional project manager, you probably do not need or want to use MS Project. It’s a great product, but not for everyone. That means most of your company is probably managing by spreadsheet and email, or they are investing in expensive solutions to fill the gap. Titan workspace allows all users to leverage SharePoint and other M365 products to get it done while making project and task management manageable and secure (no more spreadsheet madness).

Why have others chosen to use Titan Workspace Project and Task Management?

Improve Research Work Management
Organizations that perform research use Titan’s project module as a platform to manage documents and tasks to be performed by specific teams.

Streamline your processes by creating projects for every research topic, organizing documents in those project sections, and creating tasks for team members.
Better Manage Events
Simplify the tracking of your event management processes by keeping new schemes and policies for internal employees and customers organized.

Create individual projects for every event, allocate your team, and create tasks for every action item to be tracked through the Dashboard and Task Progress bar.

Email and mobile notifications keep your workforce organized on the go.
Keep Task Tracking Tidy
When employees need support from various resources in order to complete tasks, they can create tasks for others to keep track of progress.

Whether it be submitting proposals, requesting reports, or following up with another department, daily tasks are simplified and visible across the business.

Users get instant updates when tasks experience progress or completion.
Consolidate Document Usage and Visibility
Internal users are given access to only the documents appropriate for their usage, and they are able to share documents and tasks with multiple investors and external users. This enables investors in properties to collaborate with internal users but remain anonymous to each other.

Our module is fully functional within Microsoft Teams, and all internal users are able to easily integrate all their files, tasks, properties, and projects from Teams.
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Simplify project management

Project management and its tools shouldn’t be complicated or difficult for employees to learn. While elaborate project management systems may work for some, most employees—no matter the size of your business—need a simple, easy-to-use task management solution. Titan Workspace gives you one intuitive portal through which to assign task and monitor project progress.


Track Project Progress

With one unified view of projects and the teams involved, your organization can spur progress, address roadblocks, and innovate faster as a result.

Tighten Task

Tighten Up Task Management

Manage the productivity of all workers through our comprehensive system that makes task assigning, tracking, reminding, and approvals easy.

Take the complexity out of project management.

With no learning curve or training needed, Titan’s project and task management solution deploys to your workforce quickly so you start seeing ROI immediately.

Experience the new way of working with Titan Workspace.

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