Transforming Communication with SharePoint Online Intranet for the leading company in Finance Industry


In response to significant growth, a leading company in the finance sector faced challenges in managing its expanding operations efficiently. With around 250 staff and trainers operating from both the HQ office and remote locations, the company struggled with a common place for sharing knowledge and information with all the other employees. One of the employees stepped in to address these challenges by finding a SharePoint Online intranet solution, leveraging Microsoft 365 licenses and Microsoft teams to streamline operations and enhance collaboration.
The company urgently demanded for a solution that could fit their budget and gets integrated within the existing M365 solution. Here Titan workspace comes into play with the right solution for all Intranet facilities.

Challenges faced by the leading company in the finance industry 

Difficulty in Connecting Staff Across Multiple Locations: Significant growth in staff and trainers operating from various locations created challenges in connecting them effectively. Lack of a centralized platform made it difficult for employees in different locations to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

How Titan Workspace Solved the Problem?

Titan Workspace integrated their Intrant into the exiting M365 subscription of the leading company in the finance industry

  • SharePoint Online Intranet Deployment: Leveraged Microsoft 365 licenses to deliver a cost-effective SharePoint Online intranet solution.
  • Enhanced Communication and Community Building: Developed features to improve internal communication and foster a sense of community. Implemented a branded news page for company updates and a calendar for important dates.

Benefits of Intranet for Leading Company in Financial Industry:

  1. Boosted Company Identity:
  2. Employee Engagement Improvement: Features such as news updates and calendars have increased employee engagement by 20%, fostering a stronger sense of company identity and belonging.

    Remote Staff Connectivity: Even employees not based in the main office feel more connected to the organization, with a 15% increase in engagement among remote staff due to improved communication and access to company updates.

  3. Centralized Information Hub:
  4. Onboarding through Portal: New joiners are announced and welcomed through the intranet portal, fostering a sense of community, and making them feel part of the organization from day one.

  5. Welcoming New Employees:
  6. Onboarding through Portal: New joiners are announced and welcomed through the intranet portal, fostering a sense of community, and making them feel part of the organization from day one.

  7. Knowledge Base and Resource Sharing:
  8. Accessible Information Repository: The intranet acts as a comprehensive knowledge base, allowing employees to easily access and share valuable resources, best practices, and institutional knowledge, promoting collaboration and knowledge transfer.


The SharePoint Online intranet solution implemented by Titan Workspace proved to be the perfect fit for the leading finance company, revolutionizing its internal communication and collaboration processes. Through streamlined content retrieval, centralized storage, and enhanced usability, the intranet became a significant driver of productivity and efficiency within the organization.
Titan Workspace surpassed the finance company's expectations by delivering a tailored solution that was both cost-effective and user-friendly, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.

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