Crop protection leader automates travel request process for enhanced transparency


A major player in crop protection, serving farmers around the world, faced significant travel request inefficiencies due to a cumbersome manual approval process. Employees traveled extensively for critical meetings, conferences, and field visits, but navigating the approval system slowed things down. After surveying the market, the company selected Titan Workspace for its No-Code capabilities to automate business processes within Microsoft 365.

Challenges faced

The agricultural company's travel request and approval process was stuck in the past:

  • Employees submitted requests via email, which managers had to manually review and approve in a back-and-forth that took several days.
  • Approvers could easily overlook requests in crowded inboxes, causing costly delays.
  • No way to view the status of requests or pending approvals in one place.

Implementing an Automated Workflow

To modernize travel approvals, the leading crop protection manufacturers collaborated with Titan Workspace to build an automated workflow. Key features of the workflow included:

  • Custom forms to capture all trip details upfront, with dropdowns to designate request types: R&D, Plants, and Others.
  • Automated routing to approvers based on traveler, destination, and purpose.
  • Real-time dashboards provide complete visibility as requests move through approvals.
  • Proactive notifications to alert approvers to pending requests, preventing bottlenecks.
  • Streamlined quality checks built directly into the approval workflows to reduce errors.

With these capabilities, the company was ready to transform travel approvals.

The Results

Automating travel request with Titan Workspace delivered impressive results:

  • 50% faster travel request approvals. The process saved a lot of time that was directed toward productivity.
  • Dashboard for approvers and requestors for status updates. The dashboard majorly increased the transparency of the entire process.
  • Stronger Compliance by embedding rules into workflows. No request slips through the cracks.
  • The new automated system frees up the HR and Admin team from manual travel expense processing, saving them countless hours previously spent on manual verification and approvals.


Partnering with Titan Workspace helped the leading crop protection manufacturers modernize a broken travel approval process through intelligent workflow automation. The solution delivered huge productivity boosts, cost savings, and tighter policy compliance.

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