Crop Protection Manufacturer Automates Price Change Process with Titan Workspace


In the sprawling fields of crop protection, innovation is not just about what grows but also how the prices evolve. One of the leading crop protection manufacturing protagonists found themselves tangled in a web of manual processes, grappling with the complexity of price changes. But fear not, for the hero of our tale, Titan Workspace, emerged to help them escape from the clutches of tedious approvals and convoluted communication.

The company understood the need to implement an automation solution but needed something that aligned with their budget constraints. With limited resources, they could not afford complex systems requiring extensive training and dedicated personnel. They needed a platform intuitive enough that their team could learn on the go, without taking time away from critical business operations.

Titan Workspace fit the bill with its user-friendly interface and light footprint. It provided cross-departmental price change workflows fully customizable to their strategic needs. Moreover, with an affordable per-user per-month cost structure, Titan Workspace eased budget concerns over enterprise-wide adoption.

Challenges Faced by Crop Protection Manufacturers

  • Manual Price Change Process: The company struggled with a complex manual process for approving price changes, leading to inefficiency and delays.
  • Cumbersome Approval Chains: Every tweak in the product prices triggered a lengthy chain of approvals, making the process time-consuming and difficult.
  • Information Overload: Keeping everyone in the loop about the changes proved to be a communication nightmare.

How Titan Workspace Solved the Problems

  • Customized Automation: Titan Workspace crafted a customizable automated price approval process, replacing the convoluted manual system.
  • Seamless Integration: The workflow automation seamlessly integrated into the existing M365 subscription, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient solution.
  • User-Friendly Interface: No need for difficult and time-taking coding efforts. Titan Workspace's intuitive design and Low/No-Code capabilities helped the business owners to seamlessly use the automated workflow without any IT skills.
  • Detailed Approval Workflow: Various approval steps with dropdown menus for product details, current prices, increase/decrease indicators, applicable zones, and effective dates were incorporated.

Business Benefits

  • Time and Cost Savings: The automated process significantly reduced the time spent on approvals, saving both time and costs for the crop protection company.
  • Efficiency Boost: Streamlining the finance process led to a more efficient and effective pricing change mechanism.
  • Adaptability: Titan Workspace's customization allowed the crop protection company to adapt the automated workflow to their unique requirements.
  • Transparency: With the right workflow automation in place, the users were easily able to identify the bottleneck within the approval process. Moreover, identifying the bottleneck helped them to streamline the process for faster outcomes.


With Titan Workspace by their side, our crop protection manufacturer bid farewell to the hassles of manual price changes. The tailored automation not only saved time and costs but also brought a breath of fresh air to their finance processes. In the realm of crop protection, where every seed and penny counts, Titan Workspace proved to be the unsung hero, paving the way for a smoother and more agile pricing journey.

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