Pioneering Agricultural Firm Automates Employee Offboarding for Enhanced Transparency


One of the world leaders in crop protection has built its reputation through technology-fueled farming innovations that boost efficiency. However, antiquated, and manual legacy systems plagued critical back-office human resources (HR) functions, especially related to employee offboarding. This case study explores how intelligent workflow automation by Titan Workspace enabled the enterprise to completely reinvent its employee separation processes.

Challenges Faced

The organization’s existing employee offboarding procedures comprised manual efforts, complex multi-step workflows across HR, IT, legal, finance, and other groups. The manual approach was disorganized and inefficient. This fragmented approach resulted in a range of bottlenecks and pain points:

  • Frequent delays stemming from cross-departmental hand-offs and email dependencies
  • Lack of visibility into status, exacerbating missed task deadlines
  • Excessive hours wasted on repetitive administrative tasks
  • Risk of non-compliance with constantly evolving regulations
  • Plummeting HR personnel productivity and satisfaction

Researching Digital Transformation Potential

By engaging with Titan Workspace’s workflow automation module, the company mapped its existing offboarding routines. This in-depth assessment produced hard data quantifying:

  • Removing manual hand-offs would speed up the employee exit process
  • Increasing visibility would improve coordination
  • Automating repetitive steps would regain lost productivity
  • Building in compliance rules would reduce risks

These vital insights equipped executives with the drivers and justification to pursue a digital transformation vision.

Solution Implemented

The agricultural leader selected the Titan Workspace’s workflow automation platform as the core of its new employee exit process based on:

  • Leading flexibility to customize across complex enterprise deployments
  • Seamless and secure integrations with existing Microsoft 365 environments and Azure Active Directory
  • Rapid low-code configurability to ensure fast deployment with immense flexibility to manage ongoing changes.

Leveraging Titan Workspace’s capabilities, the company sculpted an optimized automated workflow aligned precisely to its operating environment. By inserting automation across key steps, the organization built a structured digital process:

  • Automating identity, asset, and data access revocation
  • Establishing automated reminders on outstanding tasks
  • Enabling real-time process visibility for simplified tracking
  • Centralizing compliance policy controls within workflows

With this future-state design now activated, the enterprise is positioned to digitally transform employee offboarding through the workflow automation module.

Transformative Outcomes

While specific metrics remain confidential, executives underscore workflow automation’s ability to deliver:

  • Extremely significant reductions in the employee exit process
  • Freeing of hundreds of HR personnel hours monthly
  • Platform for continued digital enhancement

The organization serves as a model for unlocking automation’s vast potential within even the most complex HR environments.

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