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An esteemed consultancy firm in leadership and organizational development, one of leading company operates at the forefront of fostering excellence in senior leaders, managers, and teams. With a profound understanding of the UAE's cultural nuances, they specialize in crafting tailored assessments and development solutions essential for organizational triumph. Initially rooted in collaborations with the public sector and government ministries, they have expanded their services to cater to a broader business audience. With the growing business the finance department of the company felt trapped in the manual expense report management and demanded for an automation solution.

However, the demand was not limited only till the automated expense management solution, but they also demanded a solution suitable for their existing Microsoft 365 environment for increasing the usability. In addition to these the company had a fixed budget that could be spent on the solution.

What were the challenges faced by the Leadership Development Company in manual expense reporting?

  1. Manual Processes: Handling expense reports manually led to significant inefficiencies, resulting in substantial delays and a high propensity for errors. This laborious approach hindered productivity and compromised accuracy within the finance department.
  2. Email Chaos: The overwhelming influx of emails for expense approvals and submissions created a chaotic environment, breeding confusion and further exacerbating inefficiencies within the organization.
  3. Lack of Transparency: With disparate systems in place for expense management, maintaining transparency in tracking expenses became increasingly difficult, leading to potential inaccuracies and discrepancies in financial records.
  4. Technical Challenges: With a limited workforce in the finance department of the company was not ready to provide a dedicated IT team for coding and technical learning. So intuitive interface was another thing they were concerned before switching to a new solution.

To address these challenges, the organization could benefit from implementing an automated expense management system that leverages SharePoint and Power Automate. By embracing automated expenses and automating expense reports, the company can streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance transparency.

An automated expense management solution can provide a centralized platform for employees to submit expenses electronically, minimizing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.

How did Titan Workspace solved the problem of Leadership development company?

The company opted for Titan Workspace’s workflow automation solution to revolutionize their expense reporting system, addressing the upcoming challenges:

  1. Customized Workflow: After understanding the whole process and number of steps the workflow was customized following their hierarchy of approvals. For customizing the expense report automation, SharePoint and Power Automation was leveraged.
  2. Integration within M365: Leveraging the seamless integration capabilities of Titan Workspace with Microsoft 365, the company unified their expense reporting process within their existing ecosystem, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced collaboration.


Were there any business benefits of using Titan Workspace’s workflow automation solution?

  1. Efficiency Enhancement: By automating expense report automation, the company witnessed a substantial boost in efficiency with almost 40%, with reduced processing times and minimized errors.
  2. Cost Savings: The elimination of manual processes and the associated overhead costs led to considerable savings for the company. Moreover, automation with Titan Workspace saved up to 50% for the leadership development company.
  3. Enhanced Transparency: With a centralized platform for expense management, the company achieved greater transparency, enabling real-time tracking and analysis of expenses.
  4. Improved Employee Experience: Employees of the finance department experienced a seamless and user-friendly expense reporting process, contributing to overall satisfaction and productivity. The solution increased the usability of M365 within the organization.


In embracing Titan Workspace for expense report automation, the leadership development consultancy firm successfully addressed the challenges posed by manual processes, email chaos, and lack of transparency. With streamlined workflows, integration within Microsoft 365, and tangible business benefits, the company has positioned itself for sustained growth and efficiency in its operations, further reinforcing its commitment to excellence in leadership and organizational development.

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