Streamlining Research Management system: How a leading pharmaceutical company saved up to 60% of cost and time by automating workflows with Titan Workspace


A leading pharmaceutical company faced inefficiencies in managing their projects within their research management system. Heavy reliance on email communication resulted in scattered information and hindered collaboration and project visibility. To address this, they sought a workflow automation system tailored to their specific needs. This case study explores how a no/low code platform provided a customized solution, transforming their research management process.

They desired a centralized platform to consolidate all project tasks and communication, eliminating the chaos of email threads. Furthermore, they envisioned a system with structured approvals, featuring a pre-defined workflow with multiple steps (more than 7 steps) for efficient decision-making. Finally, they craved enhanced visibility, with real-time project insights to ensure better control over resources and project health. This comprehensive system would empower them to optimize their research process and expedite valuable discoveries.

What were the challenges faced by the leading pharmaceutical companies?

  1. Email Dependency: Communication relied heavily on emails, leading to scattered information flow and difficulty in tracking progress.
  2. Inefficient Approvals: The lack of a structured approval process created delays and bottlenecks. There was no clarity about when the project is started and what is the initial and ending point.
  3. Limited Visibility: Project managers struggled to maintain a clear overview of the research lifecycle due to scattered information.

How Titan Workspace overcame the challenges faced?

A no/low code platform delivered a customized project and task management module:

Centralized Task Management: A central dashboard streamlined task creation, assignment, and tracking, fostering collaboration.
Customizable Workflows: Workflows were designed to mirror the company's specific approval process, ensuring tasks progressed through the designated stages efficiently. The easy-to-use solution allowed the employees to add and remove project members accordingly.
Visibility and Reporting: Project managers gained real-time insights into project progress, deadlines, and resource utilization through insightful reports and dashboards.
Automated Emails: Each step of the automated workflow was followed by an automated email informing the team members about the task status and improvement.
Chat within Microsoft Team: Titan Workspace enabled teams chat within the projects so that they can coordinate easily without facing any challenges with email chaos.

What were the benefits of using workflow automation module for research management systems?

The leading pharmaceutical company experienced significant improvements:

  1. Reduced Email Reliance: Centralized communication within the platform eliminated reliance on cluttered email threads.
  2. Faster Approvals: Standardized and automated workflows expedited approvals, minimizing delays and bottlenecks. Faster approvals improved productivity by 40%.
  3. Improved Project Visibility: Enhanced dashboards provided project managers with a clear picture of resource allocation and project health.
  4. Better Collaboration: The streamlined process facilitated faster project completion as it was now easier to communicate with the respective members of the respective project.
  5. Cost Savings: The leading pharmaceutical company saved up to 60% by automating tasks with Titan Workspace.


This case study demonstrates how a no/low code platform empowered a leading pharmaceutical company to overcome challenges with their research management system and optimize their process. By implementing the workflow automation module, they not only streamlined the tasks but also saved hours on each project gaining more productivity and efficiency.

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