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Introducing Copilot in SharePoint & 10 More Innovations for Creators

SharePoint is a powerful content platform that fuels innovation across Microsoft 365. It enables real-time collaboration, video hosting, and more. Today, we're excited to share the latest SharePoint innovations that make it easier for everyone to build compelling sites and pages. Here are the key highlights:

  • Simpler Authoring: We're introducing Copilot in SharePoint, which leverages natural language and AI to help you author SharePoint pages faster. It turns your words into SharePoint sites and pages, making the creation process more efficient. You can also collaborate with others in real time.
  • Compelling Content: SharePoint is receiving a major aesthetic update. You can create visually stunning sites and pages that embrace images and videos to express your brand effectively.
  • Deeper Engagement: SharePoint is integrating with email, Teams, and Microsoft Viva, allowing you to meet your readers where they work. You can measure the impact of your content and ensure better engagement.
  • Flexible Platform: We continue to invest in templates, the SharePoint Framework, and Microsoft Graph, so your existing solutions will seamlessly work with the updated user experience. You can tailor your SharePoint sites to specific workflows and integrate them with custom applications.

Now let's dive into the details of these innovations:

Simpler Authoring:

  1. Copilot in SharePoint: This feature combines the power of Large Language Models, your data in Microsoft Graph, and best practices for creating web content. It turns your descriptions into SharePoint sites and pages, allowing you to spend less time setting them up.
  2. New SharePoint Start Page: We're introducing a new start experience that provides inspiration for creating sites and pages. It features templates for common team and organizational communication needs, making it easier than ever to get started.
  3. Coauthoring SharePoint Pages: Editors can collaborate in real time using the Fluid framework, enabling a seamless team effort in crafting content.

Compelling Content

  • New Design and Branding Capabilities: SharePoint's new look empowers you to create differentiated, bold, and sophisticated pages and sites. The Microsoft Fluent Design System underpins this new experience.
  • Brand Center: With the new Brand Center, you can specify fonts, colors, logos, and other design elements that reflect your organization's identity. You can reuse these branding elements across sites, ensuring consistency.
  • Advanced Image and Video Editing: The new image editor provides advanced editing capabilities, and the updated Stream web part allows you to stream various types of videos inside your pages. Video Page templates further enhance video presentation.

Generate Engagement

  • SharePoint Pages in Email: You can preview and send full news posts as emails to your readers' inboxes. SharePoint provides templates designed to look great in email and the web, along with unified page analytics across Outlook and SharePoint.
  • SharePoint in Teams: Connect your SharePoint page to a Teams channel to make your content easily accessible. SharePoint pages can be edited directly within Teams and Connected Templates support SharePoint pages as channel tabs.
  • SharePoint and Microsoft Viva: Microsoft Viva's employee experience and engagement platform enhances SharePoint content reach and engagement. Viva Connections, Viva Engage, and Viva Amplify are powerful tools that complement your SharePoint content.

Flexible Platform

  • Developer Support: SharePoint continues to offer site and page templating, UX-layer parts, and plug-ins using the SharePoint Framework and data access via Microsoft Graph. These developer models remain consistent as the user experience evolves

These SharePoint innovations empower you to create compelling content, engage your audience, and leverage a flexible platform. Start exploring the new features and unlock the full potential of SharePoint in the AI era.


  • Microsoft
  • May 26, 2023
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