Leadership Development Consultancy Customizes Leave Approval Workflow with Titan Workspace


A top leadership development consultancy, known for its customized training programs for high-level executives and teams, was battling a familiar foe – a sluggish, paper-based process for leave approval. This outdated system lacked efficiency and transparency, hindering productivity. 

To address this challenge, the consultancy sought a modern solution, workflow automation. By implementing leave approval workflow software or solution, they aimed to streamline the entire process. This business automation workflow would empower employees to submit requests electronically from a centralized dashboard, enable managers to review and approve them quickly with automated email reminders, and provide clear visibility into the status of each request. Seamlessly integrate within the existing Microsoft 365 subscription, with an easy intuitive interface that can be easily used by the non-coders as well. 

What are the challenges faced by HR department during the manual leave approval process? 

The HR department of the leadership development company has a policy where employees are expected to plan the leave for whole year in the starting itself. Manual leave approval processes for such bulk approvals can be riddled with inefficiencies and frustrations for both employees and HR departments.

Here are some of the key challenges: 

  1. Time-Consuming: Manual handling of leave requests takes a significant amount of time, from filling out forms and routing them for approval. 
  1. Prone to Errors: Data entry mistakes can occur when manually transferring information from forms to spreadsheets or HR systems, leading to inaccurate leave balances and potential payroll errors. 
  1. Lack of Transparency: With paper trails and email threads, it can be difficult for employees to track the status of their requests, leading to unnecessary follow-ups and frustration. 
  1. Delayed Approvals: Manual approvals can get bogged down by manager’s busy schedules, leading to delays and potentially impacting project deadlines or team workloads. 
  1. Inefficient Tracking: Monitoring team leave balances and ensuring adequate staffing during peak periods becomes a manual burden in a paper-based system. 
  1. Lack of Reporting: Obtaining insights into leave patterns and trends for better workforce planning becomes difficult with manual data. 

Titan Workspace solved the problem of the leading leadership development company with their leave approval workflow 

With the implementation of workflow automation module for leave approval the company was able to achieve the desired efficiency and productivity.  
Titan Workspace provided them with: 

  • Automated Workflows: A pre-built leave request workflow was customized to their specific needs. Employees could submit requests electronically, triggering an automated approval chain based on pre-defined parameters. 
  • Integration within M365: The seamless integration eliminated the need for additional logins, software or any third-party license, ensuring a smooth user experience. 

Business Benefits: Efficiency, Transparency, and Improved Employee Experience 

The implementation of Titan Workspace resulted in significant improvements for the consultancy: 

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated workflow management solution eliminated manual tasks and sped up the approval process, freeing up valuable time for HR and managers. 
  • Enhanced Transparency: Employees gained real-time visibility into the status of their requests through a user-friendly dashboard, reducing unnecessary inquiries. 
  • Cost reduction: In comparison to the other solution providers, Titan Workspace reduces the cost up to 50% while customizing the leave approval workflow. 


By embracing automation with Titan Workspace, the consultancy achieved a more efficient and transparent leave approval process. This not only saved them time and resources but also contributed to a more positive employee experience. With a focus on leadership development, it became clear that leading by example also applied to their own internal processes. 

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