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11 Microsoft Teams Features to Supercharge Engagement

Microsoft Teams is the most ideal tool for the people and companies who promote remote working. However, keeping the workforce engaged and satisfied while working remotely is one of the biggest challenges for companies. Commonly teams for business users is known for only functionalities like messaging, file sharing and video conferencing, but it’s true potential somewhere lies in fostering exceptional virtual meetings.

Team can seamlessly integrate within the existing Microsoft 365 subscription improving the user adoption within the organization. Business users using MS teams can look at the below explained 11 powerful features that can transform your Microsoft teams meetings into dynamic hubs for using teams for project management, idea generation, information sharing, and team building.

1. Beat Video Call Fatigue with Spotlighting

Staring at a grid of faces can be draining. Spotlighting tackles this by allowing the organizer to designate a single, enlarged view at the top of the screen. This can showcase up to seven people, is ideal for presentations, and allows for easy switching between speakers.

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2. Presenter Modes: Tailoring Your Delivery

When presenting slides, MS Teams offers a variety of modes to customize your delivery:

  • Content-only: Focus solely on the slides.
  • Side-by-side: Maintain eye contact while presenting.
  • Standout: Become the center of attention with slides as your backdrop.
  • Reporter: Display slides above your shoulder for a traditional newscaster feel.
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3. Meeting Reactions: Engaging Nonverbally

Liven up presentations and discussions with meeting reactions. Attendees can choose from five emojis to express their thoughts in real-time, similar to reactions on social media platforms. The raised hand emoji is particularly useful, notifying the host of a question without interrupting the flow.

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4. Breakout Rooms: Fostering Focused Collaboration

Breakout rooms allow for smaller group discussions within a larger meeting. This is ideal for brainstorming sessions or tasks requiring focused teamwork. It provides a safe space for quieter team members to participate and ensures everyone has a chance to contribute.

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5. Together Mode: A Virtual Meeting Space

Teams inject a touch of fun with Together Mode, offering virtual venues like coffee shops, conference rooms, and even an amphitheater. This feature places attendees within the chosen scene, creating a more relaxed and engaging atmosphere that fosters connection.

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6. Live Transcription: Capturing Every Word

Live transcription provides real-time captions and a searchable transcript sidebar, allowing attendees to catch up if they join late or revisit key points discussed earlier. This is a valuable tool for accessibility and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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7. Virtual Whiteboards: Beyond the Physical Limitations

Make a skip from the physical whiteboard and embrace the power of virtual whiteboards in Teams. These interactive whiteboards allow everyone to draw, add shapes and text, and even drag and drop images and videos. Templates are available to jumpstart brainstorming sessions, and content can be saved to OneDrive for future reference.

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8. Content from Camera: Seamless Physical Object Sharing

Business users sometimes need to showcase their product for better understanding. The content from camera feature enhances the object for clear visibility by attendees. This feature even fades your hand or arm when writing or pointing, ensuring the object remains the center of focus.

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9. Loop Components: Collaborative Content Creation

Loop components are dynamic elements like lists, tables, and agendas that can be actively edited by all meeting participants. This is a fantastic tool for brainstorming, creating to-do lists, and ensuring everyone is aligned on action items. Loop components are automatically saved to OneDrive for post-meeting access and editing.

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10. Meeting Polls: Harnessing the Power of Anonymous Feedback

Meeting polls are a powerful tool to encourage engagement and gather unfiltered feedback. Pose a question during the meeting and receive anonymous responses from participants. This allows for honest opinions without the pressure of speaking up in front of the group.

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11. Meeting Recap: Never Miss a Beat

Microsoft Team meetings automatically captures all elements of every meeting, including video recordings, transcripts, loop components, and shared files. This comprehensive recap allows attendees who miss meetings or need a refresher to access the content at their convenience. The host also receives a copy of the attendance report.

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By leveraging these features, you can transform your Microsoft Team online meetings into dynamic and engaging experiences that drive collaboration, boost team morale, and empower your remote workforce to thrive. So, ditch the limitations of traditional meetings and embrace the future of virtual collaboration with Teams!


  1. What are the new features in Microsoft Teams?
  2. Microsoft Teams offers more immersive meetings with 3D experience in Microsoft Mesh. Just switch to the 3D immersive space with a click and collaborate in a virtual world.

  3. What is the future for Teams Online?
  4. The future of Teams Online looks bright! With constant updates and new features, it's expected to be an even more important tool for communication and collaboration.

  5. What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams?
  6. Microsoft Teams offers benefits like improved communication, collaboration, productivity, and reduced costs.

  7. Is Microsoft Teams free?
  8. Teams offers a free version for personal, non-profit, and small business use. For advanced features, consider a business plan.

  • Dipankar
  • May 28, 2024
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