Transforming Lab Reporting for Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency at leading fluorochemical manufacturing company


A renowned leader in fluorochemical manufacturing, operates multiple plants across various locations. With a commitment to quality assurance and quality control (QAQC), each plant maintains 5-7 dedicated teams to oversee testing procedures across different departments. Ensuring timely and accurate lab reporting is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and meeting regulatory standards.

But with the growing production it was becoming challenging for the company to streamline their lab reporting processes. The company was searching for a solution that can be cost effective, get implemented within short period of time and is easy to use without any coding knowledge. So Titan Workspace comes into play as the document management system module was simplifying their process by fulfilling their demands and needs.

Challenges faced in Lab Reporting Process

Despite having dedicated quality assurance and quality control teams, the company faced several challenges in its lab reporting processes. The list of the challenges include:

  1. One of the primary challenges was the standardized timeline of completing lab reports within 48 hours. It was challenging for the stakeholders to wait for the final report after 48 hours because they were not able to track status in between. The process somehow lacked the required transparency.
  2. Other challenges were when the lab reports were finalized, they were only shared with the respective Head of Departments (HODs), leaving other stakeholders uninformed and lacking visibility into the testing outcomes.
  3. Due to the repetitive subject lines used in email communications made it difficult for approvers to locate specific test reports efficiently.

Solution Implemented

Being the leading fluorochemical manufacturer, maintaining detailed and accurate lab reports is crucial for compliance and operational excellence. However, the complex permissions and policies in SharePoint made cross-functional collaboration difficult. At this time the realized the need for a simplified document management system for improved efficiency and transparency.

Titan Workspace implemented an intuitive group library solution focused on few parameters like:

  • Group Library: A central repository within M365 accessible to authorized stakeholders, eliminating information silos.
  • Inheritance Access: Group-based access levels ensured appropriate user permissions while simplifying management. The document management system eliminated the struggles to collaborate on lab reports due to SharePoint's intricate policies and permissions.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly design facilitated adoption by both technical and non-technical users. So, users with non-technical knowledge were also able to easily use the document management system module.
  • Simplified Sharing: Streamlined sharing controls empowered business users to manage document access seamlessly.

With Titan Workspace’s no-code capabilities built on Microsoft 365, the business created a governance-focused yet user-friendly workspace supporting the lab reporting needs. Cross-functional teams can now collaborate smoothly, with comprehensive visibility beyond departmental silos.


The implementation of document management system module yielded significant improvements for the fluorochemical manufacturing company’s lab reporting process:

  • Enhanced Transparency: Stakeholders now have seamless access to the group library, providing real-time insights into lab reporting progress within the critical 48-hour window.
  • Optimized Collaboration: The streamlined process fosters improved communication and collaboration, ensuring that lab reports are managed and approved with greater efficiency and transparency.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By collaborating with Titan Workspace, the manufacturing company was able to implement a solution within budget friendly cost.
  • Central Repository: With a proper and dedicated document management system now the company was able to securely store documents within a centralized repository.


By embracing Titan Workspace's innovative solution, chemical manufacturing company has successfully addressed the challenges plaguing its lab reporting process. The implementation of group libraries and automated emails has not only improved transparency but has also optimized efficiency, fostering enhanced collaboration within the organization.

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