Titan Workspace Revolutionizes Joint Measurement Report (JMR) Cost Tracking Process for Leading Fluorochemical Manufacturer


A leading fluorochemical manufacturer was facing significant inefficiencies in their Joint Measurement Report (JMR) cost-tracking process. With reports managed through convoluted email threads and scattered across disconnected systems, transparency, productivity, and decision-making suffered. They turned to Titan Workspace for a tailored solution that can be easily integrated within their Microsoft 365 environment.

What is JMR?

JMR- Joint Measurement Reports (JMRs) are monthly progress reports used in the fluorochemical industries to track project costs and quantify completed work. JMRs compile measurements, expenses, and other key data to facilitate invoicing, vendor payments, and cost analysis across large-scale projects

Business Challenges faced by the fluorochemical manufacturing company

  • Manual JMR Process: The manual process for checking JMR resulted in numerous pending reports within the organization, hindering timely decision-making and financial clarity.
  • Email-Based Communication: Reports and clearances were exchanged through email chains leading to information getting lost or ignored within flooded inboxes. Due to the manual approach, it became challenging for unit heads to locate essential documents and complete the necessary processes.
  • Lack of Transparency: Since the JMR was shared across multiple departments, the manual process lacked transparency, causing delays and confusion in the clearance process.
  • Time-Consuming Manual Checks: The manual checking process through email and SAP contributed to lengthy clearance times, impacting overall efficiency and productivity.

Solution Implemented by Titan Workspace

Titan Workspace stepped in with a tailored solution leveraging the M365 environment of the company. Here's how the transformation unfolded:

  • Customized Document Management System: Utilizing the document management system module, Titan Workspace created a Group Library with Inheritance Access. This customized document management approach ensured seamless access and management of JMR documents, addressing the specific needs of the organization.
  • Efficient Implementation: The Group Library was customized swiftly, meeting the organization's demands within a short timeframe and a cost-effective budget. Moreover, the documents management system was simplified and implemented within the existing M365 environment of the organization. This efficient implementation highlighted Titan Workspace's agility and commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Focus on Business-Driven Solutions: By collaborating with Titan Workspace, the fluorochemical manufacturer was able to prioritize business-driven initiatives over navigating complex coding or customization processes. This shift allowed the company to concentrate on core objectives while benefiting from a streamlined and automated JMR cost tracking system.
  • Intuitive Collaboration Platform: The company was provided with an intuitive interface and easy customization on top of SharePoint, enabling business users to easily apply document policies for cross-functional collaboration that met their specific governance needs.
  • No-Code Configuration: With easy configuration requiring no coding expertise, teams could rapidly set up document libraries and automate permissions without relying on scarce IT resources.
  • Optimized for Business Priorities: By making SharePoint's powerful but complex capabilities more user-friendly, Titan Workspace enabled the business to focus on core priorities rather than navigating technical complexities.


In conclusion, Titan Workspace's document management solution proved instrumental in revolutionizing the JMR cost tracking process for a leading fluorochemical manufacturer. By addressing critical challenges and implementing tailored solutions, the company streamlined operations, enhanced transparency, and improved overall efficiency.

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