Cultivating Efficiency and Precision in Crop Protection Manufacturing Quality Checks


One of the world's leading crop protection manufacturers was relying on a tedious, manual quality check (QC) process that was hampering productivity and compliance. Following the manual and email-relied process, the quality check team battled overflowing inboxes while chasing down approvals and resolving version conflicts. This lack of transparency and inefficiency was decreasing the overall productivity of the quality check team.

Challenges faced by the manufacturing company

With the increase in the production of crop protection materials, the quality check team of the manufacturing company witnessed a range of inefficiencies, including:

  • The quality check team of the company managed approvals and data through the manual email chains, causing process lags.
  • The manual handling of emails and spreadsheets resulted in longer turnaround times. Moreover, with more production, the process of quality check became more time-taking.
  • With data scattered in emails and desktop files, managers had less transparency into the whole QC processes.
  • The high volume of manual data entry increased the chance of mistakes that threatened quality and compliance.

Overall, the paper-based processes choked productivity, limited visibility, and increased risks across the fast-scaled manufacturing of key crop protection products. Process automation was imperative for transforming outcomes.

Solution Implemented

To tackle these challenges, the company implemented Titan Workspace, an intelligent automation platform integrated with Microsoft 365. By leveraging SharePoint and Power Automate, Titan Workspace helped transform quality control into an efficient, transparent process with:

  • Centralized data: Titan Workspace eliminated data scatter and email overflow by creating a unified data repository, promoting visibility.
  • Workflow Automation: With low code capabilities, Titan Workspace easily and quickly created automated workflows within budget.
  • Transparency: Dashboards within Titan Workspace provide supply chain managers and quality heads transparency into sample status for informed decisions.
  • Error reduction: By enabling direct data capture into forms, Titan Workspace mitigated manual errors at scale.

Together, these intelligent features eliminated process pain points, drove faster and accurate output, across the high-volume manufacturing of crop protection products. Moreover, by collaborating with Titan Workspace, the leading crop protection manufacturers were able to find the ideal solution in a very short time and cost-effective manner.

Business Benefits

By automating the quality check process with Titan Workspace, the leading crop protection manufacturing company had the following benefits:

  • 50% faster quality check turnaround times from streamlined approvals
  • Enhanced transparency into processes through centralized data and easy access dashboards
  • Improved data accuracy from minimizing human errors
  • Strengthened compliance by embedding rules into workflows
  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement through automated tasks

Automated QC workflows enabled this crop protection leader to boost productivity, quality, compliance, and workplace culture - crucial to sustaining growth in a competitive industry.

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