Titan Workspace empowers a real-estate giant with smart, secure collaboration

The Company

Texas-based Dayrise Residential is a leading player in the real-estate industry enabling investors to maximize investments with its large portfolio of opportunities and by offering improvement and maintenance services.

Business Challenges

With operations spread across different states, employees need to collaborate in a seamless environment to service investors quickly and easily. At the same time, the company wanted to enhance internal collaboration. In the current environment of M365, employees could not share and access resources in a secure manner.

  • The company was struggling provide its employees secure access to documents. Different levels of internal users needed various levels of access and permissions.
  • Another pain point was finding an efficient and effective way to interact with its investor customers that would afford investors the anonymity while securely communicating with internal stakeholders and accessing reporting metrics.
  • The third challenge was to break down organizational silos and foster a collaborative environment where employees can easily communicate, share ideas and documents and work in an organized manner.

The Solution

Built on a Microsoft SharePoint platform, Titan Workspace is a power-packed collaboration tool that enabled Dayrise Residential to meet its objectives quickly in a low code environment, without huge investments and delays associated in a traditional development environment. With its pre-built features and configuration capabilities, Titan Workspace enabled the customer to meet its objectives quickly and easily.

  • Titan Workspace enabled Dayrise Residential to put in place a document sharing system with granular access to resources. Role-based access to documents empowers the user to control resource sharing by giving rights and restricting the ability to make changes. It also facilitates file segregation which enables employees to store documents in personal folders, department wise or set up shared folders.
  • Using Titan Workspace guest user portal, Dayrise Residential could quickly onboard its investor customers to share confidential reports and documents and engage with them in a secure manner. This enabled to maintain information and document integrity even as employees shared sensitive information with external users.
  • Finally, Titan Workspace enabled Dayrise Residential to meet its third objective of facilitating closer collaboration within the organization by launching an Intranet within Microsoft Team to establish a connected workplace with a digitally platform for communication, document sharing and broadcasting information.

Customer Benefits

Titan Workspace is a unified platform and delivered following benefits to Dayrise Residential

  • Enhanced workplace productivity by simplifying how employees connect, share and collaborate.
  • Empowered the organization with flexibility to engage with external stakeholders, including customers and share sensitive information in a secure manner.
  • Enhanced security and compliance with granular control over information sharing, rights to make changes in documents and much more.

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