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No-Code workflow automation alternative to Power Apps

Business process automation as a service by Titan Workspace that delivers cost effective workflows in M365 and Teams.

Business Process Automation or Workflow Automation is among one of the top priorities for businesses across all verticals. Size of this market is so huge that software vendors can grow tremendously by providing products or services around workflow automation only.

Microsoft 365 is a leader and dominant player in collaboration space. Analysts estimate that in terms of daily active users it has crossed 350 million and growing steadily. Office365 is a like a Swiss Knife that can solve many problems. One of the core strengths of Office365 is its ability to build forms and workflows and be able to automate business process. Workflow automation in M365 can be achieved by various methods such as:

  • Using Power Apps and Power Automate
  • Custom development using SharePoint and Power Automate

If you are an enterprise customer having Power Apps subscription, then building line of business Apps and workflows using Power Apps is going to be your first choice. This Low-Code/No-Code option looks great and gives you a quick start towards digital transformation. However, you will soon realize that building a complex workflow and dynamic form using Power Apps is no longer a simple Low-Code/No-Code use case. It needs significant custom development services to achieve these complexities.

What if you do not have Power Apps subscription. You can still achieve workflow automation through SharePoint. This has been one of the most common custom development approaches since a decade that has helped customers of all sizes. This approach is expensive and time consuming. Customers having big IT budgets can only afford custom development. Additionally, customer must have a mature inhouse project management capabilities. Success rate for this custom development approach is not very high either.

Small and medium businesses generally do not have Power Apps. Neither do they have budgets for expensive custom development. Then how can we help SMB customers having M365 without Power Apps subscription. Titan Workspace is the answer.

Titan Workspace Workflow Automation tool is the only No-Code and cost-effective alternative to Power Apps within M365 and Teams. Titan Workspace leverages SharePoint and Power Automate and is capable of building complex forms and workflows without any custom coding. It has simplified SharePoint to such an extent that you do not need technical skills or SharePoint knowledge for workflow automation.

Titan Workspace is quick to configure and is offered as a Software as a Service. Pricing is based on per workflow per year for unlimited users within each M365 tenant. For Microsoft partners this could be game changer where they can make an additional recurring yearly profit by introducing this tool to their customers. Though SMB segment is a clear green field for this opportunity, we are having enterprise customers also those have purchased Titan Workflow tool despite having Power Apps licenses. If you M365 customer or Microsoft CSP or MSP, you must be wondering does it need other software or services or other hidden costs.

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  • Deepali Gola
  • May 01, 2023
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