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Titan Workspace Document Search Engine Facilitates Higher Productivity

Workplace efficiency is related to many things, one of which is finding the right resources, documents and files at the right time. This determines the pace of work, employee productivity and ability to focus on higher value activities such as strategizing, innovation, training on skill enhancement. However, reality is different and research finds that more employees in the US are spending time hunting for crucial documents in cluttered on-line document management systems that focusing on providing value at the workplace.

According to Wakefield Research 54% of US office professionals surveyed agreed that they spend more time searching for documents and files they need than responding to emails and messages. Organizations generate tons of data and documentation in day-to-day business that contains details of business transactions such as key information about a transaction, names of the parties involved, amounts paid, date and the substance of the transaction. Such documents usually called source documents must be carefully stored to easily locate when required. Yet organizations falter in this critical aspect and are unable to systematically store, catalogue and retrieve in a timely manner and thereby create tremendous inefficiency in routine operations.

The challenge becomes compounded when we consider the documentation and information that is created across the organization with a dispersed workforce in a hybrid environment. So, it is not just about storing and cataloguing but also about accessing information in a timely manner for correct decision-making. For instance, the procurement department must have access to historical and real-time data about different vendors across locations to make an accurate decision on pricing, delivery and overall experience. But decision making cannot be delayed while searching for information as time is a critical component in the business outcome and therefore procurement process must be supported by instant access to historical and real-time information.

A good document management system such as Titan Workspace enables to set up a universal file management strategy that defines file name standards, document revisions, storage, and granular role-based access—which empowers users and enhances organizational efficiency.

A distinguishing feature of Titan Workspace is searchability—a custom search engine built on Titan digital workspace to facilitate search across all domains of collaboration and storage. It is fast and accurate with search filters that can access documents allowed in the permission list. It has advanced search capabilities that can scan single and multiple libraries and search based on nomenclature and content stored in documents.

Specifically, Titan workspace search engine empowers enterprise users with the following capabilities.

Relevant: Throws up relevant content based on ranking across all indexed sources, in a single, unified set of results.

Secure: Permission-based access to resources ensures that the engine restricts the search to where access is allowed. So, an external guest user will not have access to documents stored in the Intranet, unless permission is granted.

Scalable: Built on SharePoint, the search engine can scale seamlessly and deliver fast output even as the volume of organizational data and documentation grows unlimited.

The return on investment of a document management systems that stores in a secure manner and enables to search easily and find the right documents is evident in higher productivity, enhanced employee morale, faster decision making and reduced duplication of content. Enterprise users expect the same level of searchability as consumer-grade applications such as Netflix and Amazon to deliver results at the workplace and so, a reliable and fast document management system with a fast, scalable search engine has become the foundation for adaptable enterprises.

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