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An organization’s pain points with external user

Microsoft O365 offers great collaboration features due to SharePoint that is backed by enterprise level security. External users’ access within Office365 offers immense opportunities for organizations to collaborate seamlessly between Active Directory users and Non-Active Directory users such as Customers, Vendors, Sub-Contractors, Students, Consultants and so on.

Despite having such a strong capability for external cooperation, most organizations continue to under-leverage and under-utilize it. Many of its real use cases remain unexplored by organizations since they need extensive customization to provide that degree of experience to consumers.

Titan Workspace’s Guest User Portal

Guest user Portal module of Titan Workspace fulfills the business objectives of organizations by allowing them to extend collaboration platform with a branded look and feel to their external users thereby ensuring controlled, restricted, and relevant access for them. As a Microsoft Teams user, one can now assign appropriate template for their guest users or for a company.

Guest Portal comes loaded with Features

  • Every Client of an organization can have separate set of Guest Users which they would like to collaborate with. Depending on the type of Guest Users, a relevant template of Guest portal can be selected for each client.
  • Projects can be created for the Clients, and both internal Employees and Guest Users can be added to those projects so that they can collaborate.
  • Tasks can be created by and for the Guest Users, the Guest Users can update the progress on tasks and fill timesheets.
  • Document Management System is extended to the Guest Users so that they can have access to the documents shared with them.
  • A Dashboard where progress of all the tasks and projects can be seen at once with graphical representation.

Versatility of Guest User Portal

The beauty of Guest User Portal is that it can address the needs of large variety of Guest users, be it Students, Vendors, Consultants, Sub-contractors, Customers, or any other entity that is external to an organization but need some level of collaboration with Organization’s internal employees.

With a guest user portal, you have a plethora of options for resolving business issues. But I'll share two use cases that demonstrate the benefits for both companies and educational institutions.

Guest User Portal for Students

Guest Portal can be used as a School Portal where the students can be on-boarded. There can be different Guest Portal for different grades or curriculums.

Teachers/Faculties can share assignments, notes, e-books, sample papers and Students can submit their Homework, assignments, projects, and answer papers to their Teachers/Faculties.

Teachers/Faculties can create projects and tasks for the students to complete a project or assignment and track the progress.

Guest User Portal for Companies

This scenario fits to every organization that needs to collaborate with an external entity, such as a temporary employee, a vendor, or an outsourcing agency, by granting them limited and controlled access to the Guest Portal.

Limited and Relevant Knowledge base can be exchanged between them like Agreements, Contracts, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Reports, or any other work-related documents.

Projects and Tasks can be created for these external entities and their progress and status of work can be easily tracked.


As can be seen, Guest Portal is a wonderful way for Organizations to collaborate with External Entities, effectively, seamlessly and in a very user-friendly way, without a threat of security breach of any kind. In general, adding these types of features to Microsoft Teams or Office365 requires a lot of significant customizations and cost. Titan Workspace offers them as readymade and as SaaS (Software as a Service).

If you would like to view a demo of this intriguing feature, please email us at

  • Kalpana Verma
  • June 30, 2022
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