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Exploring the benefits of Readymade Intranet

Organizations of the 21st century are driven with a fast paced opportunity bowl as compared to older decades where employees were more productive on paper rather than processes. Given that in this competitive market, it becomes important both for the employee and for the organization to stay ahead, a formal need of the hour is to address the following factors that appear as challenges for both:

  1. Organization and employee would like to procure a solution that improves productivity with minimum investment of time.
  2. The management typically looking for solutions that require minimum maintenance.
  3. The leadership team would expect that solutions offer unique collaboration and communication with minimum complexity.
  4. The IT department expect a solution that is cost effective and instantly deployable.
  5. Finally, what every corporate stakeholder is looking for is a solution that offers an easy interface that reduces manual effort through automation.

Therefore, to summarize, a good intranet solution shall have:

  1. An impressive UI
  2. Powerful features to operate
  3. Easy collaboration and communication
  4. Cost effective implementation
  5. Less maintenance
  6. Most important! It should be flexible for the future.

Here we may assume that building an intranet solution from scratch will not only incur a huge cost but also shall bring in considerable overhead in understanding and usability, leaving alone the aspect of time. In my experience, a very good solution not necessarily be acceptable at the end of the day. Employees and organization now require solutions like instant noodles, and hence comes forward the challenge of procuring a solution, which is readily available with agreeable cost. For large corporations with considerable budget also face an uncertainty of establishing a powerful intranet solution as it is impossible to fulfill key requirements of every stakeholder. So what can be the appropriate solution? If you ask me, then I would like to introduce you to the concept of what we call a readymade intranet.

What in the world is a Readymade Intranet?

For those who are looking for the answer in Google Search, we have a very simple definition at your disposal as follows:

A readymade intranet is a collaborative modern workspace, that is easily customizable, scalable, powerful and most importantly cost effective solution to connect your employees within minimum timeline.

In other words, a readymade intranet is an On-the-go solution which is readily available from solution providers that can be flexible enough to accommodate any key requirements within an effective budget and time. So if an organization would like to access a container which includes content management system, document management system, task management, project tracking, etc. in a single Modern Digital Workplace, then one may refer this container as a readymade intranet.

Why should I go for a Readymade Intranet?

It may come to anybody's mind as to why should one favor a readymade intranet and why not just build one. Remember that sleepy lecture we may had in project management, where often we were reminded that most software executions fail because of unclear requirements or inappropriate scope, which in turn overshoots the budget and timeline. Well as a project analyst, my experience didn’t differ from what I learned. As part of my daily work in executing projects, I often see my clients investing a huge budget on collaborative platforms to avail features that they couldn’t exploit completely. Imagine an organization which has individual standalone applications for different management systems which clearly indicates that there was no thought given to avail all the features in one box to optimize cost and time. Hence to avoid the mistake of investing a huge expenditure in different requirements that lead to independent standalone solutions, it is wise and beneficial to buy a readymade solution like a readymade intranet as it offers:

A. Exploiting the benefit of Intranet SaaS
The best part of using readymade intranet is to avoid any setbacks in cost by providing a small recurring fee on monthly or annual basis to avail tons of productivity features. Readymade Intranets are often treated as a software service and hence allow you to utilize “Pay as you go/Pay as you use” model which incurs a cost for only what your employees use. Not only you save money on the solution, but you improve the ROI by removing the need to maintain any infrastructure like servers or technical staff as all maintenance and support is provided by the software provider.

B. Try-Test-Decide-Deploy
While exploring different avenues to setup an intranet for employees, organizations invest considerable time to reach out the appropriate vendor before finalizing a solution. Most of readymade intranet solutions offer trail to test the suitability of the solution as per business. This helps organization avoid multiple discussions to finalize scope and instead avail a real time experience of an intranet solution. With a few customizations in order, a readymade intranet can be quickly deployed for the organization as against developing and deploying a standalone intranet.

C. An efficient technology stack
Most intranet development cycles involve customizations that include non-standardized coding frameworks to provide features since standalone intranet solutions are not defined as a product. However, in case of readymade intranets, which are built over standardized platforms like Office 365 and SharePoint, not only provide tons of ready to use features but also developed upon standard frameworks offering better compliance, security and development ethics as a readymade intranet is treated more as a product. Readymade intranets are developed over reliable and proven technology stack.

D. All in one – one for all
One of the hectic things for any IT department of an organization is to maintain different standalone applications. Why not put all the standalone applications under one ecosystem? Readymade intranet is the answer when organizations would like to avail a group of features like content management, electronic document management, project tracking, event tracking etc. all inside one single digital workspace. Why invest in multiple solutions when your employees can avail all aspects of office management under one umbrella in the form of readymade intranet.

E. Performance vs. ROI
With standalone intranet applications, performance is subject to availability of additional infrastructure and disaster management policies. Offerings like scalability, uptime, throughput along with other nonfunctional requirements are often missed when developing standalone intranet applications involving a very huge cost and less ROI. With readymade intranet on the line, organization receive a greater ROI and expected performance as readymade intranet being a product involves key nonfunctional requirements that ensure that organization invest minimum on performance and receive greater ROI by saving money on performance requirements by purchasing additional infrastructure.

There are tons of readymade intranet solutions available in the market as the ecosystem for readymade solutions for collaboration is increasing. So next time, if you come across any requirement that needs a quick intranet in a tight budget for your business, then do explore the option of readymade intranets. Why not start exploring with TITAN4WORK!!

  • Soham Banerjee
  • July 17, 2022
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