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How Titan Workspace 2.8 Delivers More Bang for Your Buck

Titan Workspace is a preferred collaboration platform for enterprises because we continuously enhance its usability and value to customers. We have made no bones about the fact that Titan Workspace is a work-in-progress, and we are always listening to customers so we can innovate better and deliver a more relevant, compelling value proposition.

As an enterprise collaboration platform, a key metric of Titan Workspace’s capabilities is to facilitate productivity, and the new version achieves this with a host of new capabilities. Specifically, three new features in the release will significantly bolster employee productivity.

E-signature in Microsoft Teams

The first is E-signature in Microsoft Teams which exponentially increases productivity and convenience for employees. It is natively integrated with Adobe e-Sign and SharePoint and enhances the process of sharing documents by embedding authenticity and security while allowing more transparency in the workflow as employees can see where approvals are stuck. Considering that a large part of collaboration entails document sharing in Microsoft Teams—including reviewing, authorizing, and accepting proposals and closing deals—e-Signature makes online collaboration a seamless process. What’s more, it ensures authenticity as the signed document is returned in .pdf format with the credentials of the author and the IP address of the device from which it has been sent. It expedites the approval process which is otherwise hemmed down with unnecessary paperwork.

Syncing Your Document Management System with One Drive

The second feature in Titan Workspace 2.8 that really makes life easy for users is the ability to sync the DMS with a local machine via One Drive. Online files and folders can sync with the local storage of the laptop/desktop of the user and facilitate continuous access even without internet access. This feature promotes mobility as people can work from anywhere while accessing relevant documents required to complete the task. It is especially useful when users are traveling or do not have consistent access to the internet. So even as you work on files in offline mode, as soon as you have access to the internet, files will auto-sync—enhancing the user experience.

Advanced Search

The advanced content-based search in Titan workspace 2.8 equips enterprise users with powerful search capabilities to deliver the same level of searchability as consumer-grade applications, such as Netflix and Amazon. The enhanced search capability returns queries faster and reduces the time taken to find the right documents and complete tasks faster and quicker compared to ordinary search engines.

The search experience is faster as the advanced search capabilities can scan single and multiple libraries and conduct a search based on nomenclature and content stored in documents. At the same time, it is secure as the engine is equipped with filters to access only those documents allowed in the permission list. Built on SharePoint, the search engine can scale seamlessly and deliver fast output—even as the volume of stored documents increases exponentially. Finding the right documents at the right time bolsters efficiency as it cuts down on unnecessary time spent on duplicating content.

Embracing Continuous Innovation

Technologies that facilitate Microsoft Teams collaboration build trust and confidence and provide an enabling environment for higher productivity. Such environments empower employees to focus on delivering value to the organization instead of grappling with day-to-day operational issues such as connectivity problems, following up on approvals, and spending time looking for the right documents.

The new Titan Workspace 2.8 is a better, more powerful, feature-rich platform that offers greater ROI for Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Learn more about how Titan can drive efficiency, productivity, and security for your business by contacting us today.

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