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Simplifying External User Management with Titan Workspace

Your long-anticipated solution for collaboration with individuals and teams external to your organization has now been created and deployed. This summer 2021, Titan Workspace was able to streamline its Guest User Portal to benefit the companies who are ready to accomplish brilliantly open communications between their internal and external teams.

Leonardo Da Vinci once stated, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Such an insightful approach that so many efficient solutionists have discovered over thousands of years. Keep it simple. This methodology was used when designing a comprehensive but simple solution within MS Teams, built with SharePoint, for sophisticated coordination with guest users.

Let’s explore the newest Titan Workspace product enhancement released summer 2021 and fine-tuned over the last few months – the enhancement that simplifies the external user management process in Azure Active Directory (AAD).

The External User Management Tool – Keeps it Simple

Who can request an external user? Any internal business user.

Who will invite the external user? Tenant Administrator or Titan Workspace Administrator.

What will provide insight into the invitation status? The “External User Management” dashboard.

What makes this process so simple? Innovation behind this comprehensive tool allowing the business users to manage their external stakeholders. This has really helped our customers to leverage external users without creating any dependency on Tenant Administrator. The entire process is automated and business users need not be able to access Azure Active Directory (AAD).

The Titan Tool – Comprehensive Design

What does the External User Management Dashboard do? The dashboard allows the Titan Workspace Administrator to quickly track the external user invitation process and giving the visual progress of the full lifecycle from invitation to acceptance. With the available filter options, any of these stages can be reviewed at a glance for ease of management.

Is it possible to remind the external user that they have not yet accepted the invite? Yes. Very efficiently, the Titan Workspace Admin can filter by the not yet accepted invitees in order to send them a reminder (all at once or one at a time). This is an invaluable process that does not exist in O365 alone.

Who manages the external user permissions and access? Unlike with the O365 external user process, Titan has eliminated the need to have the SharePoint team select what the user can or cannot access. With Titan keeping the security and accessibility of your company tenant a top priority, the external user will only be able to access the necessary collaborative items that the internal teams want to share (including documents, project information, and task assignments).

How long can external user access the system? This is managed by business users. When the external user is added, the dates that the user will need access can be defined. If those dates need to be extended, this is also possible. This is not possible with O365 where the user needs to be manually added and removed by the SharePoint team.

Can a whole external group be added with Titan? Yes. In addition to one-to-one communication that Office365 allows, Titan Workspace can define a group or a company under which different stakeholders can be added to see unified content and documents. This group can also receive group communications or individual communications as needed.

The Titan Tool – Efficiently Effective

Why use Titan when we already have SharePoint? SharePoint is a great tool that is part of M365 platform. However, SharePoint is not as user friendly – especially when needing to manage external users. Without Titan Workspace, the company’s tenant administrator (often senior level) must spend their valuable time on tedious tasks involving inviting external users, verifying individual acceptance status manually, sending individual reminder invites manually, and then personally contacting the SharePoint team and providing the necessary details for them to set the external user’s permissions separately for each external user.

What if I have thousands of external users to add because we collaborate with many subcontractors, vendors, and customers? Using O365, you will need to add each of these users individually and then designate them as external users and set their permissions. Using Titan Workspace, all the users can be requested by business users and added in one or multiple large groups by the Titan Workspace Administrator.

What is the overall benefit or ROI? Titan Workspace has demonstrated the ability to increase collaboration and productivity by at least 30% within initial 3 months of going live. Titan Workspace brilliantly unites the functional SharePoint needs of a business with operational efficiency.

At TFW Labs, our mission is to simplify Office365, allowing customers instant access to our collaborative features without difficulty. This new functionality helps us achieve our mission.

Coming soon…we will look at the detailed process for interacting with external users with Titan Workspace using the uniquely built Titan Guest User Management Portal.

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