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Intranet Solutions for Small Businesses

Are you facing difficulty in securing the information of your organization? Do you want to develop collaboration among teams? Intranet can be broadly defined as a network that is highly private and contained in an enterprise for safe keeping of the information of a company. It is used for conferences.

Intranet enhances communication and makes access to crucial links, lists, information, application, data, and forms possible. Intranet has a separate database that contains the list of all the employees having access to the network, which in turn helps in maintaining security. There are certain reasons why they are crucial for small businesses.

Intranet Solutions - A need for small businesses

Small businesses are growing a lot nowadays. New entrepreneurs are coming up, but their business has been through tough times. Small businesses are looking for strategies to increase engagement and boost productivity. The following points explain why there is a need for intranet software for small businesses.

Allows Work from home

Remote work will be the norm of the future since the pandemic has hit because people can't come to other places for work. So there is a need for telecommunications in this situation. Since new businesses are cutting costs, the chances of remote working have increased manifold.

In these situations, intranet solutions for small businesses play a pivotal role. They are the digital infrastructure that enhances communication and engagement among the team and keeps the team informed about the changes, policies, and management. Read More: Digital communication

Numerous social benefits

Social elements carry a lot of value in every employee's life. Having a social circle at work where you can be yourself, pitch good ideas, and celebrate your success is important for a peaceful work experience. But people cannot be always at the workplace, and they might miss these social interactions.

Thus, the company intranet makes people feel connected to each other, to the team, to the leader, and to the work they are doing. Thus, intranet for small businesses allows people to collaborate and connect from faraway places.

Helps in growth

The facility of intranet for small businesses contains growth potential. In an ordinary small business situation, the intranet software fosters collaboration and coordination among team members. This proves beneficial to not only the people working on-site but also the remote workers.

The intranet is the best way to probe questions and seek answers regarding their work or any policy they don't agree with. The employees are more comfortable interacting with the help of the intranet. The Intranet becomes the digital community that makes employees feel like they are part of something big. The intranet makes it easier to locate and address information, thus increasing engagement.

Acquainting new employees to the business is easier

The growth of the company highly depends on the candidates that are hired by it. And when it is a small business right people should be hired to ensure that the business does not fall apart by the wrong decisions or ignorance. An intranet is the storage of all the pivotal documents which contain policies and rules and is required to be filled by the newly hired.

The cloud-based intranet for small businesses helps the candidates to know about the business policies of the company, the work they have to do, processes, and terminology. The intranet helps the physically present employees, and the remote workers acquaint themselves with the systems and rules of the company.

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Enhances communication inside the business

Communication is the key element for developing a small business, and the powerful tool that enables this is the Intranet. It holds the facilities of discussion forums and allows people to hold meetings and discussions aspects of the business. This helps to highlight the areas where the business is lagging, and through discussions, they find ideas to modify any existing method or policy.

An Intranet is a safe place for sharing ideas and suggestions and monitoring how far the objectives are achieved. The transmission of business news and other important announcements is easy to keep the employees up to date with the happenings.

Enhances Project Management

Automating repetitive tasks is crucial to save time and engage in more productive work that needs more attention. The intranet has the features of automation of certain tasks such as leave requests, timesheet submissions, order purchases, and calendar management. This increases employees' productivity and makes them broadminded by opening them to more important and complex tasks that require intellect. Learn more about Timesheet Automation

Alignment of Individuals and Common goals

A small business needs to clarify its goals and objectives with the employees before they start working so that they have an idea of what they are capable of, what they are doing, and what needs to be done for the betterment of the business and team. And most of the time, this becomes impossible because the goals are not mentioned properly, and the new hires are unaware of them.

An intranet is a place where the goals and objectives of the business are well conveyed to the team, and this enhances the coordination of mind and hand of the individual employee.

Storing and retrieving information

So much work needs to be done to make a small business successful and productive. In the process of doing big things, the management of basic tasks is handled by the intranet software.

This makes access to important documents and data locations easier and quicker. There is no fear of losing photos, data, information, files, and any crucial folders with the Intranet. Intranet can easily access the required file when the time comes without many complications or errors.


The Intranet has a highly positive effect on your small business. It helps in enhancing the qualities that are required for the growth of a small business, like transparency, security, etc. Transforming your small business to an intranet-based ambiance is the need of the hour. This also helps in reducing expenses to a great level.

So, it's high time that you find the best Intranet software near your small business and collaborate for maximum benefit and growth of your small business. So, the next time you need tips to grow your small business in a digitized world, switch to Intranet.


How do I create an Intranet for my business?

You must follow the following steps to create an intranet for your small business. Know the objective behind having an intranet, consult the employees, find out which intranet is right, customize the solution according to your needs and connect the team with the intranet. Another good advice is to test the intranet solution with a single team before releasing it to the whole company.

What is an alternative to the internet?

Everyone Social is an application that can be seen as an alternative to Intranet. Everyone Social is a Cloud-based platform that is readily accessible and available to all the members of the company, or all the people involved in the business. It enables anyone to join in without needing other log in requirements.

How much does it cost to host an intranet?

The Tentative Intranet costs range from about $15,000 to $50,000 per annum.

How do I set up an Intranet?

To set up an Intranet, you need a Window server software and enable its IIS service so that the internet website can be hosted and then enable users to view data in Intranet after the addition of AD services.

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  • Kalpana Verma
  • November 22, 2022
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