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Proven Marketing Automation Workflow Examples Should be Implemented

Do you want to have an insight into the Marketing Automation Workflow? Are you confused about what might give you the best results? To perform the right marketing, you need to follow the right strategies. From customer interaction to getting leads and regulation emails, everything needs to be taken care of. Workflow Automation will get done with all the work effectively and efficiently.

Examples for Marketing Automation Workflow for Significant Results

  • Customer Service Workflow

This is the most useful and efficient Marketing Automation Workflow. This helps in answering the queries of the customer. Through this automation, the customer gets the answer to their questions instantly. The customer can resolve simple issues with the help of the details shared by the software. This will decrease the burden on the customer service sector.

  • Survey Workflow

Survey Workflow Automation is a great way to collect data from users. It will create a survey that will trigger the NPS survey through email. It will help in gathering up the thoughts of the customers about a specific product or service. You can customize the automation to target only the customers who engage with the page. This will be the best marketing automation and workflow as it will help in understanding the customers.

  • Gated Content Workflow

This Workflow Marketing Automation helps to generate leads. When the users enter their email ids to get free downloads or reach the website, their emails are stored in the database. Later on, they are triggered, and the best leads are found. This works efficiently, and the task gets done without much effort and management integration. Learn more about task management

  • Subscription Renewal Workflow

This is closely similar to the Email Marketing Automation Workflow. This is where an email is sent to the user for their subscription renewal. It is like a reminder for the customers, given 5-10 days after the end of the subscription. More than one follow-up email and sent if the customer avoids the initial texts.

  • Communication Workflow

Generally, there is a huge gap in communication between the sales team and the marketing team. They are not connected, and there is a lack of information exchange between them. Only focusing on conversion or decreasing chur will not help in the growth of the business; the connection between different sectors is essential too. To facilitate better communication, this workflow is necessary.

  • Welcome Email Nurture Workflow

Welcome Email Nurture Workflow for Marketing Automation is a great package of software. It will first ask the user to sign up; then, it will send the customers a well-organized email that welcomes them. Furthermore, emails will be sent, which will be a reminder or advertise the product they prefer, or it will enhance their interactions. This automation will keep a check on customer behavior and work accordingly.

  • Churn Prevention/Re-engagement Workflow

This Workflow Automation helps in holding on to the customers. When the users start getting distant, there is a higher chance of churning. To prevent the customers from abandoning, re-engagement is required. This automation identifies the users getting away and tries to get reconnected to them. This frequently happens to keep hold of the users.

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  • Cart Abandonment Workflow

Cart Abandonment emails are sent through this Workflow. When the customer adds something to their cart and forgets to purchase it, they get a notification. This notification reminds them to get the product. Some catchy phrases are written to grab the attention of the viewer. This will help in proper workflow marketing automation.

  • Incentivization Workflow

Incentives are a great way to get hold of the users who check out the page and are in a dilemma about purchasing. To capture those users, this automation will display them with incentives like discounts and offers. This will attract customers, and there are chances if they find the offer good, they will buy it.

  • Recommendation Workflow

Showing recommendations to the users makes them feel connected. Through this Recommendation Workflow Automation, the users will get products recommended according to their previous purchases. Emails can be sent to the users about any similar products they prefer or like. It will boost growth and increase brand and product recognition.

  • Lead Scoring Workflow

Leads are one of the most important factors in a company's growth. A lead needs to be very efficient and true. Collection of leads is a tough task, and it requires you to find the best leads. To make the task easy, Lead Scoring Workflow is very helpful.

This automation will identify the best leads and do a robust collection. It will ensure quality and give you effective results.

  • Follow-up After Purchase

Follow-up after a customer purchases something is a great gesture to make the customers feel important. This automation can thank the users for their purchase or ask them to review the product they just got. It will also display some similar items the customer will like.

  • Event Workflow

When organizing an event, this Workflow Automation comes to help. It will help people sign up or fill up forms for the event. Users get an email about the event with all the details mentioned properly. Ultimately, they are asked to sign up and know about their presence at the event. With this automation, there is no longer a need to do the task of advertising or invitation to the event manually. Learn more about Business Automation Workflow

  • Product launch

This automation becomes essential when you are launching a new product. It gives an email or notification to the customers about the upcoming new product or services on the page. It shares images or launch dates. Along with it, the exciting details and benefits of the new item are described. This encourages the customer and builds interest.

  • Upsell Workflow

It is easier to reach out to customers who are always connected. To keep them in touch, emails and notifications are sent. These act like reminders that keep the page engaged. Many shopping websites use this workflow automation, which works miraculously and amazingly. Read more about How to improve workflow efficiency!


Following the right strategies in the market can help you have higher growth in your business. Automation, of the right kind, will manage all the regular tasks and help your employees focus on other important sectors. With the detailed example, choose the automation that will be effective for your business and use it! Learn more about Document Management System in SharePoint

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What is a marketing automation workflow?

Marketing Automation Workflow had triggers and actions that helped in spiking the growth of the business. It studies the customer's behavior and acts accordingly.

How do you automate a marketing process?

The marketing process can be automated in several ways. Animation of email, lead nurturing, web chat, and social media posts are some effective ways.

What are some examples of how marketing automation works?

Some of the well-known examples of how marketing automation works are :

  • Welcome emails
  • Lead magnets
  • Social media automation
  • Gated content
  • Win-back programs

What are the components of marketing automation?

Marketing Automation has four basic components. A database management system, inbound marketing actions, and a website are of today's standard and desirable offers.

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  • November 18, 2022
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