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How Would You Describe an Intelligent Workplace?

Do you want to make your employees more efficient? Do you want a change in the way your workplace is currently functioning? Creating an intelligent workplace will solve most of your problems. The automation of the work processes and the increase in the interests of the employees bring a significant increase in the effectiveness of the workplace. The addition of intelligence to the workplace not only ensures the modification of the workplace but also encourages the workers to work more efficiently.

What is an intelligent workplace?

If someone questions you about how would you describe an intelligent workspace, the answer lies in the technological development and application of digital strategies in your work.

An intelligent workplace continuously employs the Internet of things and uses artificial intelligence to facilitate daily work process automation; it also helps to enhance the quality of work done by the employees and increase their productivity through uniform workflows.

These are the following aspects or features that make your workspace an intelligent workspace.

Smart Conference Rooms and Desks

Conferences are a regular part of work-life. A smart Conference room can make online meetings and video conferences comfortable and without hassle. The meetings can be booked easily, and the sharing of office spaces is monitored.

The smart desks influence the sitting and standing posture of the employees, which in turn increases their productivity. In a way, smart desks take care of employees' well-being and amenities. It also helps in keeping track of the open desks which are vacant and helps in their reservation.

A new way of video monitoring

An intelligent workplace employs the monitoring of video in a modern way by using modern technologies. It ensures that there is no internal theft, and the security is intact because of the camera. There is the use of zoom features, good lighting, and various angle views for modern monitoring.

There is also the option of a split screen which enables you to keep track of the activities from a laptop or smartphone. The images and information are Stored in the cloud and can be downloaded when necessary.

Control of lighting and climate

Everyone has different needs in the working environment. An ambiance where the employee can control their lighting and climate for working allows their mind to be active and engage in productive work. So, an intelligent workplace includes allowing the employees access to control the climate and lighting, which results in saving time as well as money.

It detects temperature preferences in the case of climate control and detects the frequency of use. This helps to adjust the climate of their preference automatically. And in an office, access to windows and lights is just a tap away.

Indoor maps

Big office buildings can be difficult to explore because of the many rooms and floors. Having indoor maps to navigate the offices can make the hectic task of searching for different cabins simpler. Indoor maps act as tour guides for exploring office buildings.

Not only employers and employees but also visitors can make use of indoor maps to go to the place they require. The indoor maps provide the right direction to any lost individual at the office premises.


The element of gamification needs to be incorporated into most of the steps taken by an organization. We can take an app developed by the organization as an example. To be interactive, the app needs to have an element of fun in it. The animation in the app, the interaction, the output, the interface, the refresh rate, etc., are the major elements that make the app more interesting. These elements come under the section of gamification.

The idea of gamification plays a major role in making the app developed by the organization an interactive and interesting one, as an intelligent workplace uses technology for its betterment and gradual development. Learn more about How Scale a Document Management System in SharePoint

Program for recognizing and rewarding

The hard work of the employees throughout the year goes unnoticed often, and they are ignored. This ignorance leads to a decrease in their efficiency as all of them are treated the same. Online data and information about the employees' work effectively recognize their hard work.

The employees that secure the top ranks in the leaderboard need to be rewarded. The authorities could predefine the criteria by which the leaderboard would be selected as they need different work from different level employees. The rewards given to the employees boost their confidence and encourage them to work more efficiently. This is necessary as an intelligent workplace uses technology to enable workers to achieve new heights by using technology as their weapon.

The Voice of the employees needs to be addressed

Quite literally, the voice of the employees needs to be heard by someone. Developing a voice assistant customized to address the predetermined needs of the organization helps immensely. The sound detection quality of the voice assistant needs to be gradually developed and updated as the world's technology is moving very fast.

Having a voice assistant in your meetings and conferences not only helps you in smoothening your work process, but also it feels sophisticated to have such advanced technologies in your office. These technologies can be customized in different ways to provide some amount of entertainment to the listeners. Learn more: Project Management Tools and Techniques

Good office relationship

The organization can be immensely benefited if the creative ideas of the workers collaborate with the business-oriented minds of the authority.

This collaboration can only be fruitful in most organizations, providing a good relationship between the employees and the authority. The intelligent workplace helps employees to update themselves according to the demands of modern ways.


The technology of the contemporary world needs to be matched by an organization's technology. Again, this technology needs to be matched with the technological intelligence of the employees. If the intelligence of the employees matches that of the installed technology of the organization, productivity can be boosted enormously.

A workspace that is intelligent digitally can give innovation to the hands of the employees. The employees also get to feel connected between themselves as the level of intelligence of one match with others. The intelligent workplace brings unparalleled innovations and efficiency to the table.


How would you describe an intelligent workplace?

An intelligent workplace effectively uses technology to achieve the goals set by increasing the efficiency of work and improving the ambiance of the workplace, as well as helping in healthy collaboration of the teammates. It uses all the digitized methods, web software, and artificial intelligence to do the job.

What is an intelligent workplace?

An Intelligent workplace can be defined as a new way of engaging technology to achieve goals. They use the improved version of digital tools and enhanced social intranet. It provides valuable insights into making the right decisions.

How is AI changing the workplace?

With the increase in the use of Artificial intelligence, dependency on manual labor for doing repetitive tasks is reduced, and various ways of saving time and earning money have risen.

How can Artificial Intelligence be used in the workplace?

AI is frequently used in managing the algorithm, which enables a team to make decisions by weighing the pros and cons of that decision. AI is highly used to analyze data in the workplace and make decisions about who gets the job, and evaluate the ability of the candidates.

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  • November 4, 2022
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