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Employee Satisfaction in Hybrid Workplaces
Environment | Digitalization in Workplaces

As the world returns to normalcy in the post-pandemic world, it’s now well accepted that we are not going to the office every day again any time soon. Many employees are not open to the idea of going to the office, while others think they can go to the office on some days and work from home on others. Given all this, most organizations believe a hybrid work environment is the future. Not just that, with growing digitalization in workplaces, employees are more dependent on workplace solutions than ever. Building a safe and secure hybrid workplace that ensures smooth communication with employees, enables real-time collaboration, empowers them to make informed decisions, and sustains company culture, has become critical for organizations. Learn more: Organizations Collaboration

Modern Digital Workplace

Modern Digital Workspace

Ensuring effective and seamless collaboration in a hybrid digital workplace is critical for employee productivity and organizational success. A key aspect of providing a safe hybrid digital workplace is ensuring employees have smooth and secure access to all company documents from outside the office environments. Organizations often struggle to provide secure document access to their employees which impacts employee productivity and their ability to collaborate with co-workers.

Hybrid workplace solutions that enable collaboration and document-sharing in a secure manner goes a long way in empowering digital workspaces. That, in turn, would not just boost employee productivity and agility but also enable a safe hybrid work environment by ensuring information and document integrity.

The best Hybrid workplace solutions are secure, scalable and efficient

However, organizations should not just have any workspace collaboration or document management system. The best digital workplace solution must be secure and scalable and provide a reliable environment for business transactions and exchange of information to embody the qualities of a modern digital workplace. Such a digital workplace solution should have features like –

Role-based access: Features like role-based access to documents empower the user to control resource sharing by giving rights and restricting the ability to make changes.

Simplified permission management: Ensuring the security of documents while sharing them with either internal or external users is often a challenge in a modern digital workspace. So a document management solution should simplify permission management with capabilities to read, edit, review, and download documents depending on the need and user profile.

E-signature integration: Considering a large part of collaboration on digital work environment entails document sharing which include reviewing, authorization, accepting proposals and closing deals, e-Signature makes online collaboration a seamless and secure process.

Compliance management: Ensuring compliance with organizational and regulatory guidelines in a digital work environment is a big challenge and therefore a key step in ensuring a safe hybrid digital workplace. A document management system should help organizations monitor document compliance more efficiently and reduce legal and compliance costs.

Employee Satisfaction in Hybrid-Workplaces Environment Digitalization in Workplaces

Over the next few years, more and more firms will shift to a modern digital workplace with digitalization in workplace. However, organizations will need the right digital workplace strategy to succeed in a hybrid digital workplace which includes strategies to boost employee engagement, enable effective collaboration, empowering tools to be productive and agile.

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  • Deepali Kamotra
  • September 26, 2022
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