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Business Automation Workflow - Business Benefits

Are you trying to understand the Business Automation Workflow? International Business Machines Corporation launches Business Automation Management. It is created by combining IBM Case Manager and IBM Business Process Manager. It has excellent features that will make your working experience sorted and organized.

Business Automation Workflow and Its Working

Business Automation Workflow is derived by combining two processes: IBM Case Manager (ICM) and IBM Business Process Manager (BPM). IBM has created a single tool that performs both the functionality of BPM and ICM.

Business automation workflow can assist process designers by helping them to use the modern features of BAW. It increases the Flexibility, Features, and Expandability of the company.

The use of the old P8 process engine won't stop. Every feature in it will continue to work. Only by learning new terminologies and within the case builder and BAW process will you help design workflow comfortably.

When it comes to IBM Content Navigator, nothing has changed to IBM Navigator. Adopting other tools from the DBA platform becomes easier by using content navigator tools.

The term task is also converted to activities. Understanding this language will make designing easier using BAW.

It is advisable that you should focus on the backend of BAW. This is because IBM hasn't completed the development of the user interface for BAW. Hence becoming comfortable with the front end is just a waste of time as it will change soon.

Conversion from ICM to BAW is a lengthy process. It should be handled carefully. Chances of deletion may occur.

IBM BAW provides a workflow center with features like

  • Different View Modes
  • Navigation
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Workflow Center and Classic Case Builder windows

Business Automation Workflow always provides a lot of support to the user. From installing to maintenance, they reach out if you call and help you get going with your workflow.

Features of Business Automation Workflow

  • Customization

A great feature of Customization is available in Business Workflow Automation. You can efficiently generate Documents of different types by processing your own design. You can use your own patterns and layouts according to your requirements and needs. The whole repository process can also be undertaken by the tool. It is software that can be generated with low or no code.

  • Collaboration

With the features of Collaboration, Sharing is facilitated. Both internal and external sharing can be done. Data unification is also available. You can control accessibility options and make things happen in your own way. The routing process can be regulated with the help of the tool. Now collaboration won't be a tough task in the tool. Learn more about Organizational Collaboration

  • Process Management

A detailed overview of the whole process can be seen and managed. The manager can easily supervise the work and look at the status regularly. Close analysis can be performed on all aspects of the workflow. Easy Monitoring of the process is possible. The best thing about this is it can be done in real-time.

  • Other

Connecting with existing API is possible. The unstructured process can be seen and managed conveniently. Document Approvals become easy and simplified.

All tasks and standard activities can be customized. Flow charts, tables, and other representations can display data. Notification alerts are present. Carrying out multiple workflows is facilitated.

Workflow history is saved safely and in an organized manner. The changes are stored for future reference. ERP integrated and management of project features is available. A developed version of management can be performed.

Services Provided by the Business Automation Workflow

  • Human Resources Management

Several services of Human Resources Management can be taken care of by the Business Automation Workflow. Managing the employees, FAQ solutions, benefits charges, and time sheets. Even the vacations are calculated and approved by this system.

  • Finance

The financial part can be managed better with the help of business process management workflow automation. All the routine workflows can be completed with it. During the month closing, the finance work will be processed.

  • Project Management

Your project can be regulated completely by the tool. All the details and information about the task will be communicated without hassle or trouble. Even small business automation can work effectively to do project management.

  • Customer Support

Business process automation benefits the company by reducing the time of response. Customers with queries will not have to wait for a longer time, and this process will be quick and convenient.

  • Sales

With the help of this tool, CRM Integration becomes efficient. The quote to cash, pricing bookings, proposal approval, and revenue operations are facilitated to the people more easily.

  • Operational Management

All the operational processes and procedures will be tracked down and noted by the system. The logistics are automated and recorded. With the help of the tool, the overall view can be received of the operational statuses. Also read: Project Management Tools and Techniques

Benefits of Business Automation Workflow

  • Manager's Viewpoint

With this business automation tool, managers get many advantages and benefits of easy work regulation. Being a manager, you can have a dashboard with detailed reports on work. You can see the listed tasks and their status of completion. Along with it, the details about who has taken up the work are also displayed.

All the alerts and escalations of the projects are also provided to the managers by the tool. Workflow status is constantly displayed to the manager, which helps improve management and organization.

  • Employee's Viewpoint

Employees no longer need to wait for processing. The whole task is regulated and completed by the business workflow automation. The system displays the task urgency and deadline. This makes it easy to choose the task you need to complete first. The workflow tracker does the reporting job, and you no longer have to worry about it!

  • Developer's Viewpoint

There are advantages to a developer’s perspective. Without code, minimum code work can be done. A minimum of time spent on upkeep due to SaaS.


Business Automation Workflow is an innovative creation. It is easy to make, and customizations can be done. Its development requires no tough tasks, and the working is extremely smooth. Starting from employees to the manager, everyone's tasks can be done easily with this tool. Now that you know the details of the Business Automation Workflow tool going for it is your choice!

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What is an automation workflow?

Automation Workflow is a technical process of making tasks, information, and documents flow within the work activities defined by business rules and take place independently. It makes the work take place easily and at a quicker speed. The regulation and reporting process is much simpler.

What is the Business Automation workflow?

Launched by IBM, Business Automation Workflow is a space to create workflow apps for improved, better, and more convenient work. It increases productivity and improves daily task management. Proper coordination is developed among the working and management fields within a business.

What is the difference between workflow and automation?

Workflow simply refers to steps in a task or piece of work. It is the smallest unit of Robotic Process Automation. On the other hand, Automation is a specific set of rules that can be achieved by the goals of software processes that can be customized.

What is the difference between BPM and BAW?

The older version of Business Process Manager works on multiple business aspects and processes. Whereas Business Automation Workflow is a better and more advanced version that deals with single tasks simultaneously.

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  • October 27, 2022
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