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Enhance Your Organization's Culture with Surveys

Get valuable insights, drive progress, and foster a positive work environment through surveys

Employees make an integral part of the organisation. However, the anatomy of an organisation includes not only their employees but their business associates, partners, customers and the list is endless just as various fields of businesses. Keeping all these branches of an organisation happy and satisfied is an important task. However, an organisation always goes through the ordeal of understanding the inner thoughts and ideas of the employees as not all are vocal and approachable. The fear of being identified and targeted keeps many at bay. The answer to all this is simple ‘SURVEYS”. Regular Surveys pertaining to different categories will keep us updated and provide the positivity that the organisation is moving on the right path.

TITAN Workspace offers this excellent feature in its intranet, which is cost effective, reduces geographical dependencies, saves time, can be taken from anywhere and provides instant results, which have the feature of being kept anonymous.

Our feature provides broad range of information and helps in mass coverage along with providing true statistics on the following issues and ideas.

  • Surveys can be used in all perspective of measuring employee satisfaction and taking suggestions. They help us in understanding the thoughts, feelings and experiences of an individual who works for the organisation. Through surveys, the organisation can identify the grey areas and take immediate and proper steps to address the issues.
  • In addition to identifying problems, employee surveys can measure progress and track the effectiveness of changes that have been made. For example, if an organisation makes the changes to its employee development programs, it can use surveys to measure the impact of these changes on employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Another benefit is that they help to improve communication and get transparency within an organisation. By sharing the results of the survey with employees, organisations can demonstrate that they value the opinions and views of the employees and are committed to making improvements based on their feedback.
  • Surveys within a set category of employees can be beneficial in taking suggestions, new ideas about any project or customer engagement.

Hence, regular employee surveys are an important part of a company’s strategy – thereby, creating a positive work culture and fostering employee engagement.

What Is the Purpose of Employee Surveys?

The purpose of employee surveys is to gather feedback and insights from employees about various aspects of the workplace and the company. The main objectives of employee surveys include:

  1. Understanding employee satisfaction: Employee surveys provide a platform for employees to voice their opinions and provide feedback on job satisfaction, work-life balance, benefits, and other aspects of the workplace.
  2. Identifying areas for improvement: Surveys can provide data that helps organizations to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance the workplace.
  3. Enhancing communication: Employee surveys can facilitate open and honest communication between employees and management, helping to build trust and foster a positive work environment.
  4. Improving engagement and morale: When employees feel heard and valued, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work, leading to improved morale and job satisfaction.
  5. Measuring progress: Regular employee surveys can help organizations to track progress and measure the impact of changes over time.


In summary, the purpose of employee surveys is to gather valuable insights and feedback from employees, which can be used to improve the workplace, enhance employee satisfaction and engagement and drive overall business success.

  • Deepali Kamotra
  • February 09, 2023
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