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Improving Internal Communication Through Target Audience

This is the era of dynamism. Things, technology are moving at a pace where you need to keep up with the energy, change. Where words like virtual, hybrid, distance learning are the new normal. In the same space all are talking about Modern Workspace. An Intranet portal has so much to offer beyond our imagination. But is it easy to use? Will I be able to understand this software? These questions still run through our minds.

TITAN Workspace is a part of this Modern Workspace which answers your above question in the easiest and coolest ways. Today, I am going to talk and explain about a feature called “Target Audience” which is displayed in every category of the Intranet content page.

Initially, when I started exploring and did try to use this feature, I came cross few options while posting my content on Intranet which asked me to select right audience for my content through a dropdown with three options as Corporate, Company or Department. I got little confused wondering what are these target audience options.

However, on fully understanding the feature I realised it is one of the most important and must have feature which is helpful for not a specific group but for the entire company. Learn more about Organizational Collaboration

Corporate means that you can post news, articles, Q&A, surveys etc. on your Intranet and those will be visible to all subsidiaries or group companies employees covering all your local & international offices. This way your post will be seen and read globally. It offers significant advantage that you get reviews, answers, comments & appreciation from your peers, seniors who are otherwise oceans away.

This helps in building your connections and create visibility within your enterprise. HR, can announce their global policies, town halls events etc. in one click & the message reaches to all global users. Also read about Intranet Solutions for Small Businesses.

If you select Company as your target audience, your content will be visible to selected group companies or subsidiaries only. This helps especially when your information is relevant to few group companies only.

If you select Department as your target audience, your content and information will be visible to your own company’s all departments or only few departments. This is particularly helpful for making any in-house announcements those are relevant for few departmental users only. Someone writing a tech blog that is useful only for technical or sales department is a perfect example of this feature.

This eliminates unnecessary cluttering of information for user those are not supposed to access that information. Another good example of improving internal communication in the workplace is to post a survey or Q&A that is supposed to be responded by employees within a particular department only.

This seems to be one of the most effective features for improving internal communication in the organization. Audience targeting helps the most relevant content get to the right audiences. By enabling audience targeting, specific content will be prioritized to specific audiences only.

SharePoint based Intranets can manage this functionality easily and you know your audience in communication. Titan Workspace has simplified this, and I am now able to use this without any challenge.

  • Kalpana Verma
  • December 23, 2022
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