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About this Workflow

Automation of Employee Exit process brings transparency among employees and the company for completing the exit process smoothly. This not only helps in compliance but also gives a positive reflection of the work culture where transition can be managed efficiently.

The Employee Exit Process Workflow is a ready-to-use workflow that eliminates the challenges of a typical email or paper-based system where an employee must take clearance from various departments. Using this workflow, the employee who is leaving an organization can take clearance from various departments and do a smooth handover of their assets and responsibilities.

This ready to use workflow provides following features:

  • No paper or email-based clearance system.
  • Checklist for reporting manager to plan transition.
  • Checklist for IT to take appropriate actions such as access or assets.
  • A User friendly dashboard to track your pending approvals.
  • Checklist for HR for meeting all compliances.
  • Automated procedure with status tracking.
  • Reduces delays and brings transparency.
  • E-mail notifications.

Process Overview

Streamlined and Efficient Offboarding

Streamlined and Efficient Offboarding

An employee exit management process ensures that offboarding procedures are streamlined and efficient. It establishes a structured framework for HR personnel to follow when handling an employee's departure.


Compliance with HR Policies and Procedures

An exit process in HR helps ensure compliance with HR policies and procedures. It ensures that all necessary documentation, such as termination agreements, confidentiality agreements, or non-compete clauses, are properly handled and executed.



Making sure that every department or stakeholder has a checklist to make sure that tasks to be completed or actions to taken are well planned and executed.

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