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Leave Request Time-off/Leave Request

About this Workflow

Time Off or Leave Request is one of the most needed workflows in any company. Titan Workspace replaces manual or e-mails-based approval with a fully automated process.

The employee time-off request process allows an individual to formally take approval from their employer for scheduled absence from work. This may be for a vacation, sick leave, or any other reason deemed appropriate by the employee.

This ready to use workflow provides following features:

  • Captures all details for a faster and transparent approval system.
  • Keeps every stakeholder informed about the scheduled time-off.
  • Option to designate someone during the absence.
  • A User friendly dashboard to track your pending approvals.
  • Approval history is maintained for HR and Legal compliance.
  • Reduces chances of delay as system notifies everyone.
  • E-mail notifications.

The Leave Approval Process Workflow can be quickly launched.

Process Overview


Compliance and Policy Adherence

A well-designed leave request or time off request workflow ensures that employee is align with company policies and compliance regulations.


Enhanced Workforce Management

By implementing leave approval workflow, organizations gain better control over scheduled absence and can effectively manage workforce scheduling.

Data and Reporting Insights

Data and Reporting Insights

An automated leave approval workflow generates valuable data and reporting insights for HR and management.

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