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About this Workflow

The training request workflow process is a vital mechanism for improving knowledge and skills that increase the company’s productivity and ultimately lead to better employee satisfaction. Automating this approval process provides a structured approach for impactful trainings that are aligned with organizational objectives.

This ready to use workflow provides following features:

  • Clear identification of specific skill or training needs.
  • A mechanism for various stakeholders to review and approve such trainings.
  • A User friendly dashboard to track your pending approvals.
  • Tracking at all stages of approval.
  • E-mail notifications.

Process Overview

Insights and Readiness

Insights and Readiness

A structured training request approval process ensures that the HR or training department is better prepared to arrange these trainings in terms of content, delivery methods, and evaluation.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Involving employees in the training request process fosters a sense of ownership and engagement. When employees have a say in their training needs and preferences, they are more likely to be motivated to participate actively in training programs.

Fostering a Learning Culture

Fostering a Learning Culture

A training request workflow promotes a culture of continuous learning within the organization. It sends a message that employee development is valued, encouraging employees to seek opportunities for growth and self-improvement through their requests for training, which contributes to a dynamic and innovative learning environment.

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